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Thoughts on Healing: Bitterness

By  Rianne Collignon     March 07, 2013    Labels:, 
Dear People,

I think everybody on a healing journey has encountered this, one time or another, sometimes it's a heavy shroud sometimes it's a smarting little pang. As much as I would like, there is no instant healing to be done when Bitterness rears it's ugly head. However, I do outline a few exercises you can try to stop Bitterness in it's track.

Why Bitterness hits everybody
There you are on your healing journey, trying your best, staying positive, investing energy, money and time... but you are not seeing the results you want or need. For some of us it can take years before we start feeling bitter that the issues we are working on are not shifting, for others it happens within the first few months.

Everybody wants to be healed quickly and effortlessly. Everybody wants to shed their issues, be they physical, mental or emotional. However, sometimes it seems like it's impossible to make any headway while you are feeling you are doing all the right things. This can be incredible discouraging and painful.

My own personal Bitterness-experiences
When I did the radioactive iodine treatment I was convinced I would be one of the few who would come out intact. I really poured in large amounts of positive energy, even though I was only at the beginning of my healing path. At first, it seemed that this would be where I would end up, but 4 months later the message was clear: my thyroid wasn't coping. I was very bitter about it and it took me a long time to see that it happened for a reason. If I had gone ahead and healed completely I would never have started my company or done the personal healing that was needed.

During my Healing Path I had quite a bit of bitterness pangs now and again. My blood values wouldn't stabilize or improve no matter how hard I tried. I've seen doctors in 3 different hospitals trying to make it work. I saw alternative healers as well, but nobody could seem to stabilize them.
I would refocus on things that were shifting, as I would notice I had more energy, started feeling better about myself etc. etc.

My last bitterness pang was a week or so ago. I've been on quite a good path lately, with values increasingly improving and stabilizing, however, recently I had a setback. Not so strange, because my thyroid is still a bit damaged so can't give out enough hormones as were needed in the high stress environment of the past couple of months (4 deaths, hospital visits, ICU etc.). I burned through all my reserves and ended up hypo. With all the complaints that come with it. Quite annoying and I had to step back and rest up. However, this time has been valuable to see as well, concerning what is needed in my life. Luckily for me, issues are shifting again, because I didn't stay stuck in Bitterness.

Why Bitterness harms so much
Bitterness usually overshadows everything. We don't see the progress we have made, we see only what we do not yet have. We are focused on the problem, not on the solution. Bitterness can overwhelm our willingness to try to heal, our willingness to work at it and can put us at a standstill.

What can you do when you feel Bitterness threatening?
Like I said there isn't an instant solution to Bitterness, but here are some approaches you can try:
  • Throw a Pity Party. Acknowledge that it's sad, upset, hurting and a bit bitter. Pamper yourself and give yourself a full day to feel the feelings and process them. Next day, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and see what you can do to heal.
  •  Do a Gratitude Exercise. Look at what your healing has accomplished. It might not have solved the issues you wanted yet, but surely, there must have been some gain? If there isn't, you need to refocus because you are doing the wrong things!
  • Compare yourself to others. Usually Bitterness is accompanied by feelings of jealousy. You think others are healing and doing better then you. Compare yourself to people who are worse of to get that gratitude going and understand that we all have our own path.
  • Watch some feel good movies, reminds yourself of your inner strength and fortitude. They also usually show you the dark before the morning as well, making your realize that dark times are important too.
  • Give yourself time. 
Got stuck in Bitterness? Ask me for a Healing Card to pull you out of it, here on the blog or on Facebook.

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