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Monthly Evaluation Reading

By  Rianne Collignon     March 11, 2013    Labels: 
Dear People,

Spring is in the air here and I'm anxious about new prospects blooming suddenly and surprisingly. At the moment however, it's a bit cold again, so now it's a good time to do a Reading with a cup of tea. I did ask for help for all my sessions in the last few weeks, following my February Reading. I haven't had the time yet to create some Wish Mandala's but I'm sure to be able to do it soon.

For this Reading, I decided to use "The Wisdom Well" by Ivarna Kalinkova
I feel this is a Deck that works extensively with Archetypes and decided to work on the area of group work. I love working in groups and am very excited about my new Course (Spiritual Balance with the Seasons). However, while this is fulfilling work, I also have to do some promotion for it which I have disliked in the past. This year I'm doing better, but I want to improve in this area.

Group work: What strengths do I bring as a Teacher: 27 The Lace Maker
Certainly an interesting card to have as a Teacher for strength qualities. The card features a spider. In many cultures Spider is a wonderful teacher, but also a trickster. Their stories will allow the audience to learn and examine their own beliefs. I do know I am quite a story teller, which means often my workshops run late!

Group work: What do I need to develop as a Teacher: 14 The Mirror Woman
The mirror woman looks like a siren, sitting on the waters with a huge sea shell in her hands. I do know that I need to captivate my audience (promotion wise). Once people are there, all is well, but before that I often have difficulty finding the words.

Mirror Woman lets me know to not only look at myself but also to look at my prospective audience. What do they need, what would they be interested in, what key words will make them curious!

Group work: What advice do I need to hear 6: Father Earth?
It was always strange to me that in this Deck, Earth is considered male. I have to admit that I often work with Mother Earth energies, but not often with Father energies. It's interesting how when I saw the image I immediately thought: Father Time!

I think the advice is to take my time and to build influence as a Teacher.

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