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Monthly Evaluation Reading

By  Rianne Collignon     February 07, 2013    Labels: 
Dear People,

Well January definitely went differently then I would have thought. Normally I do not have such long vacations, but now I was really needed elsewhere. The weight loss course has started with a wonderful new group and I'm back on track with articles and the Facebook Fan Page.
So now it's time to do a Reading for the practice again. I don't have any specific questions in mind so I decided to do a free flow Reading.

A free flow Reading has no questions or set positions. I love doing them when I do want some information, but when I do not think I know the appropriate questions to ask. They are nice to check in with guidance. I decide to use my Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters for this Reading.

I chose 3 Cards and received: The Angel of Being: My Soul rests in the truth that my being is eternal, The Arch Angel Metatron: I am united with the source of all goodness, love and creativity and the Angel of Discernment: Through the grace of the divine I am able to know the right path.

What instantly strikes me is the Angel of Discernment, for the practice, it's very important that I am connected with true guidance and am able to tell people of the path that brings them to healing, health, well being and balance. I often feel that I'm aided very strongly, especially since sessions never drain me. It reminds me however, that I can also ask consciously for help. I do prepare sessions in advance, but almost never ask for help. This is definitely a good idea to do in the future. I know help is always available to me.

Metatron for me, is an Archangel I do not often call upon. I worked extensively with Michael to support healthy boundaries, to work on being assertive and to stand up for myself. I worked with Gabriel to clear Chakras and energy fields and with Raphael to promote healing. Metatron for me is the healer teacher, the voice of reason and love. I will call upon him more in the future and this week to promote balance and to get my voice out there. I have been making progress in promoting myself more, but I feel that it's possible to receive better results and to do more.

The Angel of Being is all about being at ease with who you are. It features a Mandala which is quite funny to me, as recently somebody asked me if I still did Mandala work as one popped up in a Reading for me. I do believe that I am called to do more creator work and the Angel of Being is excellent Guide to help me in that. I think I will create a few Wish Mandalas for myself soon.

All in All some interesting areas to spend more time and energy in. The Angels do tell me that many things are moving in the right direction for me, so I'm grateful and content.

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