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Question from the practice: Do you believe in negative entities?

By  Rianne Collignon     October 04, 2021    Labels:, 


Dear People, 

I always get a lot of questions about my beliefs and recently I talked with somebody about entities and what I believe in. Beliefs of course will change over time, so while I'm writing this I know I might have better understanding as the years ago by. I don't do much entity work, but I am open to do so when it's necessary (with for example house cleansing or energy field cleansing) or when a message needs to be passed on (departed loved ones). 


People who passed on

Most common are departed loved one's that still come by and try to pass on messages to the people they love. They can try to reach the person directly, by dreams, smells or other activities or they can show up during healing sessions or during a Reading or at the preparation stage. 


People who passed on can also be connected to objects and places. Often they are not connected to a loved one, but instead they are present in a house, near an object or place etc. Sometimes they try to communicate, but more often people feel a presence, chills or have other symptoms that make them uncomfortable. 

For me there is a difference between people who have been to the Light and come back, often softer, more understanding and easier to connect too and people who continued to hang around. The second group is harder to connect with, as they haven't done their own emotional and spiritual work. I often ask for help to have them pass on and cleanse a house or place. 

Entities you can't recognize as people


Sometimes energy is there that seems to have been cognizant of something before, but you can't really talk to. This can be energy that's left behind after a passing, but can also be emotional energy that has been send out or other types of negative energy. It can get into people's energy field or in their homes and cause feelings of depression, pain or sadness or just make people feel tired. 


It's good to clear out those energies, especially since while they can feel malicious, they aren't that way on purpose. Sometimes people feel these entities are like parasites: they live off our energy and can make us feel drained. If I feel any in people's fields, I often help clear them out. 


I don't consciously look for one unless there is a reason to suspect people are experiencing this. I regularly check my energy field though, as entities can be attracted to high energy and joy, but also to people who've been through a lot and whose energy fields aren't as protected as they should be. 

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