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Thoughts on Healing: Family Karma

By  Rianne Collignon     October 16, 2015    Labels:,, 
Dear People,

While it's wonderful to heal our own lives, we are all connected, so it's often very important to heal our network as well. Today I will be talking about Family Karma and healing our families. Often we already know that our core family (father, mother, siblings) isn't 100% healthy, because frankly, I haven't met any family who is. Healing your network has benefits for all.

Family Thought Patterns
If you look at your family you might see them struggling with the same theme. When a family struggles with a theme usually nobody has a healthy relationship with that theme, but all of them will acting out in extremes. For example if the family struggle is wealth (or money), some family members might be scrooges while others might be acting like any amount is small change. If the theme is work, some people might be workaholics while other family members are very unmotivated and could be considered slackers.

We often fall into extremes, because we either follow our parents pattern (extreme 1) or we rebel against it (extreme 2). Once such a family thought pattern is healed by us it often happens that other family members start on a path to healing as well. Sometimes because a good example allows them to follow us, sometimes because energetically the blockage is healed and they move forward as well.

Family Health Issues
While it seems that Family Health Issues are different from the thought patterns, often, they are not. I know a lot of people feel that they just got bad genes or that everybody in the family has this health issue, so it's likely they will get it too, but if you do heal the thought pattern it often reduces health issues or heals them completely.

So if you don't know a specific pattern, but you do see health issues, take some time to see what would exacerbate those issues and start healing those behavior patterns.

Family Health Exercise
Close your eyes
Breathe gently in and out
Imagine you and your family members in a circle
You are all holding hands and connecting together
Imagine your energy shining brightly
Allow healthy energy to flow through you and heal this issue within you
Then, when this energy is bright enough and strong enough, it's time to share it
Your gift to the family is erasing this family thought pattern/negative behavior/health issue
You are willing to share it with yourself and with others
You can see your light multiplying and shining in all your family members
Breath in and out until the light is clear for everybody
Gently open your eyes

Want to share your family karma or need help healing it? Talk to me in the practice, post a message on the blog or Facebook Fan Page or send me an e-mail.

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