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Thoughts on Healing: Color Healing Meditation Exercise

By  Rianne Collignon     February 06, 2014    Labels:,, 
Dear People,

There are many ways to meditate, but Color Healing Meditation is one of my favorite ways to meditate, because it gives me a focus and helps me to choose the amount of time I need. If you have trouble with meditation that requires you to clear your mind of all distractions, this type of meditation (focus meditation) might come more easily to you.

I won't elaborate on the many ways meditation can improve your life in this article, because that would end up being a book. Instead, I'll just describe the exercise and give some suggestions on how to use it. Read it completely first before giving it a try.

Color Healing Meditation Exercise
  • Make sure all distractions are set aside (mobile phone off etc.)
  • Find a comfortable meditation position (sitting, lotus, half lotus, laying down)
  • Close your eyes
  • Picture your color (You can choose the rainbow, a color that pops into your mind, Chakra Colors etc.)
  • Allow this color to flow into your energy field, into your body, into your organs, cells and Chakras. Feel the color cleansing and revitalizing you completely.  Stay with this color until you are satisfied
  • Picture another color
  • Repeat until you have done all the colors you wanted
  • Open your eyes
  • Drink some water to ground and eat something or do a grounding exercise
Sometimes after a particularly draining emotional day, I use colors that signify emotions to completely clear myself. For example: blue for sadness, red for anger, yellow or green for jealousy etc. until I feel calm and free.

However, it's also nice to use this exercise to strengthen your Chakras or to revitalize your energy (yellow for joy, red for love etc.). You can also ask your Higher Self to suggest colors and see what pops up for you. I have no problem visualizing gold or silver, but I do know some people who do. Practice makes perfect!

If you gave this exercise a try, you can share your experiences on the Blog, Facebook Fan Page or by e-mail!

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Psychic Healer Rianne Collignon writes blog posts to help you achieve your Flow of Miracles. It’s her mission to help people remember their birthright: A happy healthy growing soul. Creating more self awareness, joy and spiritual growth is her passion.

She loves being a teacher and giving clear exercises to help you grow. Besides this blog, she offers a multitude of free tools for spiritual souls on YouTube and Instagram (including Live Sessions).

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