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Questions from the practice: What can I feel/what do you feel during sessions?

By  Rianne Collignon     September 03, 2014    Labels:, 
Dear People,

I often explain to people what they can feel during energy therapy sessions (hot/cold/buzzing/dizzy etc.) and how their bodies may respond (yawning/burping/crying/laughing etc.) but recently I was asked what I feel during sessions, which I thought was an excellent question.

What do I feel during sessions in the (energy) body?
I notice the shift of the energy above and around the body, where it pools and where it flows freely. I usually start the sessions by making it flow as optimal as possible to help the healing process along. I then ask clients to say a specific sentence (usually I hear where to start) and I feel the blockages that the client is experiencing in my own body. That makes it very easy to place my hands above or on the corresponding parts. If I don't feel it in my own body, I usually sense it in the clients body instead and focus my hands and energy there. I often tell the clients what is blocking them. Sometimes they think I'm a mind reader, because I receive the anxious voice that runs in their head.

After doing some work, I ask the person to repeat the sentence. For me, this is either a confirmation that the blockage(s) are healed as possible at this time (which can mean completely healed or healed for this phase) or I can sense another blockage popping up (in another space or a different issue in the same space). After I'm done, I can sense the complete shift in energy so usually have a good idea of what the client can expect (relief in symptoms, extra energy, more calm, more assertive etc.).

I was working with a client on more assertiveness and self-acceptance. I asked her to say: "I'm a wonderful person". I immediately noticed a blockage in the head/throat area coming up. The head was saying: "I'm only wonderful if I conform to certain standards of behavior" and the throat was being sealed off to stop assertiveness. I cleaned out both area's and I knew that this client would feel more at ease in difficult situations instead of clamming up or responding emotionally.

What do I feel during energy therapy?
When I heal blockages or the (energy) body, I run the energy through me and then through the client. I can feel the energy running strongly (how much is needed) or petering out (almost done). I can also feel my hands becoming warm, hot or super hot. Sometimes people can feel that too, and I've had complaints that it feels like I'm burning them. Worst case for me is when I'm actually sweating because of the heat generated.

I also have my body responding to the energy movement in various ways.

I almost always yawn during healing work, because for me yawning is connected to release, to balance and to energy settling where it belongs. I guess this is also very connected to why we yawn, because yawning makes us feel more relaxed and according to some theories helps us cool our brain.

Second most common response is a burp. For me a burp energetically speaking is like a cork being popped. It usually happens mean a blockage is stubborn, because it's old and ingrained or a major energy line is blocked up. I burp and much more energy is released (which the client sometimes feels returning to them) and usually this means the end of a long term destructive pattern.

I also sometimes have sneezing or get a running nose. This most often happens when I'm busy working on the body and there is a bit of an infection going on. Sometimes clients know this, because it has been diagnosed, but it can also be in the early stages.

Most rarely I feel like I have a sticky film stuck to my hands. This is a very annoying symptom for me, because my hands aren't actually sticky. I usually shake them to try to get it off or run energy through them. Since it's very rare it's hard for me to pinpoint actually why it happens. I think it mostly has to do with there being a massive imbalance that needs more work to be released.

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