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Questions from the Practice: How do you work with crystals?

By  Rianne Collignon     November 27, 2014    Labels:,, 

Dear People,

A few days ago somebody asked me how I work with crystals. I had done a long distance session and added which crystals I had used to the report. So, today I'm describing how I work with crystals, both in the practice and for long distance sessions.

Crystals in the Practice
Sometimes when I do Healing Work I notice that my client can greatly benefit from a crystal. I often place these on or near the client. The crystal itself is regularly cleansed and recharged by me and will simply gently release the healing vibration needed.
Rarely people will feel the crystal as a burning sensation, most of the time clients either don't feel anything special or will notice a soft energy. Crystal work is mostly subtle.

It's also possible that when we are discussing home work or things you can do yourself that I offer clients certain types of crystals to hold and understand what those crystals can do for them. I also teach cleansing and recharging techniques when asked.

Crystals in Long distance work
In long distance work I first connect to the energy of the person I'm working on. I often then use my own body to direct the energy. In other words: if I want to work on that persons right knee I will place my hand upon my right knee. If I notice a certain crystal is useful, I can place them around me  or on me with the intention that they are working around the energy field of the person I'm working on.

I can also take the crystal directly in my hand and redirect it's energy towards the energy of the person I'm working on. I usually do this if a lot of directed energy is needed. For example when somebody has a specific problem like a blocked heart Chakra or a physical complaint.

Personal Crystal Use
For a long time I'd wear certain crystals to work with their vibrations. Usually this was goal oriented, as I'd be working on a certain issue for myself or wanted to achieve a certain goal. I don't regularly wear crystals anymore, but when I think I'd have a difficult day I certainly have some that I wear.

When I do healing work for myself or when I feel I need to detox I regularly use crystals. I have quite a bit of them at home that I work with. I mostly work with a beautiful piece of Quartz, but I own many more crystals. Charoite, Lapis Lazuli and Ruby are some of my favourite crystals to work with.

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