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Questions from the Practice: Do you see Healers too?

By  Rianne Collignon     August 03, 2014    Labels: 
Dear People,

Recently a client asked me if I see a healer too for issues that I have myself and what I do to recharge. I thought those were excellent questions so I thought I'd share what I do for myself. I'm sure this article won't stay up to date, as healing is a journey and I will change.

Do you see other healers?
Yes, of course. Healing yourself is important and I do regular Healing work ranging from Vibration Healing, to working with Chakras and Crystals, Music Therapy, Meditation... the list is almost endless.

However, healing yourself can sometimes be like hanging outside of a window by your arms and trying to get back inside. It's hard to pull yourself up. Having somebody stand inside and pull you up is so much easier. So I see Healers if I have something that I can't easily heal myself OR if it's something I can't do myself (ever tried giving yourself a good back massage?).

What other healers do you see at the moment?
I see massage therapists, as sometimes things get stuck in my body. Having a massage helps my body to relax and helps me to refocus. I prefer Tuina, a type of Chinese Health Massage, but I've had other types of massage too. Best I ever received was Vietnamese Massage in Paris, which was lovely and works on the emotional as well as physical plane. Sadly, due to distance, I can't make it a regular thing.

If I'm really stuck, I go and have foot reflexology. It's probably for me, personally, the most painful type of massage. However, it gets everything flowing and my whole body gets a workout. Acupressure points work very well for me (Tuina uses those too), so it's no surprise both modalities make me feel so good (eventually!).

Naturally, I've tried a lot of other healing modalities in the past, but these two continue to give great benefits, because they fit with what I need.

What other things do you do to recharge?
  1. Spa or (Sauna like we say in Dutch) is always number 1. It helps my body recharge and detox and I love a Spa day. 
  2. Meditation, especially active Meditation (Osho)
  3. Creative work (painting, embroidery, writing, designing)
  4. Yoga or Pilates
  5. Reading
  6. Urban Rebounding (I have a mini indoor trampoline to jump on)
I'm sure I do more things, but these are the most important that I can do on my own that help me balance, recharge and refocus.

What's most surprising to people is usually what's not on the list. I do not watch random TV. I find it mind numbing and spiritually empty. I do watch specific shows, but rarely, and I do watch TED Talks, for inspiration and growth. No cable subscription for me for the last 10+ years.

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