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Questions from the Practice: Do you help finding lost items?

By  Rianne Collignon     April 16, 2014    Labels:,, 
Dear People,

The other day I received a phone call asking me if I also do work finding lost items. The short answer is "no", the long answer follows in this article.

My experiences using Psychic Means to find lost items for myself
Like every other person I sometimes lose my keys or other valuable items and like any other person I can get anxious about it. Anxiety doesn't help any type of Psychic work, because it clouds the connection. You can get unclear answers or even answers that make no sense or are inaccurate. I never do Psychic Work when I'm in an anxious state willingly, but when you really need to leave and you can't find your car keys anywhere, you'd be willing to try anything too.

I've used a pendulum to try to pin point where I left lost items in my house and have had mixed successes. Sometimes it would help me to quickly pinpoint the room and I could find the item fast. Sometimes I'd walk around the house with it swinging wildly, so interpreting results was impossible.

I have done Readings as well when an item was lost for a long while, but this also gave mixed results. Sometimes it would give me a clear idea where to look, sometimes it just made me second guess myself endlessly.

My experiences using Psychic Means to find lost items for others
While I was frequenting a Tarot Forum, often people would ask others to draw a Card for a lost item. Usually all the cards drawn (sometimes up to 20) were all different, because Readers interpret their Cards in slightly different ways. Advice on where the item would be located would vary wildly.

I almost never used Cards however to do find something for others, instead I would use Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing is a Psychic technique that focuses on trying to get a picture of a place or item. So I would try to focus on the lost item and then note my impressions. Often this would give good, but not always clear results on where the item was.

For example, I was once asked to find a photo camera and I described a room where I could see a low type of cabinet, plus what I thought was a bunch of items on top, with a mirror present. So I thought the camera was in the bathroom, under the laundry, where it was actually found. However, when searching for another item for the same person, I didn't get much impressions at all so couldn't pinpoint a specific room or place. Sometimes impressions are vague or didn't seem to be similar enough to pin point a location.

Since I work primarily with energy, items have less energy then people, so it's harder for  me to tune into them. Often, people are agitated when they lose something, so then I'm also stuck with a huge energy field near me which is transmitting information, while trying to find something else. It's like trying to focus on a candle light outside while the sun is shining.

Because of this, I've had much more success finding items when I wasn't near the person searching for them, so Remote Viewing works well for me, even when I don't know the house or the environment. Even then though, I can't promise the accuracy that I would want to offer this as a paid service. So, I won't use my abilities to find your items for you.

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