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By  Rianne Collignon     April 19, 2013    Labels: 
Dear People,

I love my business and helping others. I often receive something special from clients who feel I went above and beyond like flowers or other gifts. It's quite humbling but also wonderful. So, this month I'm going to see what I can do to increase customer satisfaction.

I chose to work with the TAO oracle from Ma Deva Padma. It's an Oracle based on the I Ching, so besides drawing Cards you can use coins to see what the changes are going to be.

What can I do to increase customer satisfaction during sessions: 38. Opposition
It's picture is wonderful as you can see two people, mirrored (up/down) and in different colors. One is yellow/green and the other is red/purple. This reminds me on how sometimes when I speak about spiritual parts of a message, people feel left out and want a more earthy approach and sometimes it's the other way around.

Sometimes it's also hard to translate the message I get into something that can be understood. I remember one time when I asked somebody if they had a young daughter and she said no. I asked her if she had a daughter between 14-16, which is young to me, but it wasn't to her in this context and she said yes. I guess teenager would have been a better word. I then told her that I felt that there wasn't enough male influence in her daughters world which caused tension between her and her mother. The woman answered that this was not the case, but when I asked if her husband left them, she said yes.

Miscommunication during sessions can happen. It's important for me that the other party speaks up so we can bring clarity to the situation. I have been summarizing sessions with clients at the end of a session sometimes to make sure we are on the same page. Recently another client also mentioned that she didn't like phone sessions as much, as she can't see my face.

Casting the I Ching Opposition changes to: The marrying Maiden
This is quite an interesting card as it depicts a bride with chains all around her. I guess I Ching let's me know that sometimes there is no perfect solution. You can set every rule you want, but miscommunication can still occur. I have to be honest and true and mindful of the opposition that can occur.

What can I do to increase customer satisfaction after sessions: 22. Grace
A lovely calming card that shows a Kimono made with Lotus flowers and water. It makes me feel sophisticated and joyful just looking at it.

Quite beautifully this card speaks of being a role model, of being a star and an example. I love Coyote Teaching, the way of Teaching by asking questions and responding with questions, by showing what you think is right by doing it. The way of the story teller, the way of the guru.

While this doesn't really give me a firm to-do list, it does make me realize that living up to my potential does increase satisfaction for all around. It also makes me think on how often people are interested in my life and how I normally am very private and don't post much about it online. Maybe I should reconsider that.

Casting the I Ching Grace changes to: Taming the power of the great
Interestingly this Card features a Buddha like figure being totally at ease before a bamboo forest. I guess I can relate to being quiet and to listen (I try to meditate regularly) and becoming one. I do think I need to ponder some decisions and some gifts of mine that I haven't used yet in my practice.

I can really recommend this Deck due to it's beautiful images and the serenity feeling I get from knowing: "Everything Changes, Everything is in Flux". It gives a natural way of looking at life in cycles without worries in time of lack or need and being mindful in times of abundance and joy.

Want to let me know how your satisfaction would increase? Send me an e-mail, comment on the blog or on Facebook!

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