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Monthly Evaluation Reading

By  Rianne Collignon     October 11, 2013    Labels: 
Dear People,

Things have been a little hectic around here, but this morning I have the time to sit down and do a Reading. The best Readings are sometimes done in a hurry (5 minutes or less), but I like to burn some incense and relax when I do a Reading for myself.

I've chosen to work with the "Helende Lotus Kaarten" or Healing Lotus Cards by Yvonne & Serrie Nieuwhoff - van Berkel. I've used them in many weekly Readings before but then took a break from this deck. I bought it second hand at a flea market so I'm not even sure if it has all the cards. For my Reading today I chosen to the theme Nurturing as it fits with the cold weather here!

How do I nurture the body in my practice and what can I do to improve nurture? (my own/my clients/improvement): Heart Chakra: Forgiveness, Third Eye Chakra: Darkness, Third Eye Chakra: Color

Well, I can see how I nurture my own body through forgiveness in the practice. I work a lot with my heart Chakra when I do healing work to stay open to my clients, to give nurturing healing energy and to be present. Sometimes I help clients with issues I have worked through or that I then will see within myself. Helping somebody else can also help yourself, because what you are able to forgive in another person is what you will start to forgive in yourself.

I can see how I nurture the bodies of clients through my Third Eye Chakra. Often people do not know what root causes have got them in such trouble. They medicate until that is no longer an option and then search for alternatives. When I see blockages I often see them as dark spots or feel them as dark sticky energy. This is also the main reason I call myself a Psychic Healer, because without those insights and capabilities it would be a lot harder to heal people.

Improvement through Third Eye Chakra Color is very interesting to me. I bought some lamps that can shine different colors (LivingColors from Philips). So far I have only used them at home for myself, but I was planning on using them in sessions. I also work with crystals sometimes which are also very colorful. I will definitely research more around and try out some new things.

How do I nurture the heart in my practice and what can I do to improve nurture? (my own/my clients/improvement): Third Eye Chakra: Trust, Heart Chakra: Affinity, Throat Chakra: Harmony & Sound.

There is no better way to nurture one's heart then with trust. I do trust that what I'm told will happen and what I see and hear it true. It does nurture my heart that I always know how to hit the right note with clients. Often they tell me that I'm saying what they are thinking or using words that they use themselves too. Most strikingly was recently when I used a Flemish word that I didn't even know, but was perfect for my client.

So, I can see how many clients feel that I have affinity with them and know what they are experiencing and what they need. Affinity is very important energy wise to make sure that you vibrate in tune with each other and get the best results. I'm very pleased to see it here.

As for improving heart nurturing in the practice I drew two cards (stuck together) which were both 5th Chakra. I do work with sound sometimes, but not as much as I would like. Today I will, because somebody booked a massage and sounds will help well being. I usually do not use sounds in the practice as it can distract from what I'm saying or asking during sessions. Most of the healing music I have at the practice has vocals, but I recently bought some more relaxing CD's, so I will definitely look into that in the next couple of sessions. I also am glad for the singing bowl I have and use it sometimes. Time to create more harmony!

How do I nurture the mind in my practice and what can I do to improve nurture? (my own/my clients/improvement): Throat Chakra: Music, Third Eye Chakra: Vision, Crown Chakra: Awareness

I can see how I nurture my mind with Music. At the moment I have already listened to music for an hour or so. I love listening to relaxing music and finding peace and harmony. I can have quite a bit of brain storming and nervous energy in my mind if I'm not mindful. So, I choose to meditate and listen to music regularly to nurture my mind in healthier ways.

My Psychic Vision does help many clients to nurture their minds. Sometimes because I speak of things in ways that they haven't considered yet, sometimes because I give voice to lingering doubts or other thoughts they weren't aware of yet, sometimes because I confirm things that they know but haven't used yet. Clients often continue on the road to deeper self discovery after being at my practice. Many have told me that they started workshops or courses or started other nurturing activities. I'm always very happy when people nurture themselves.

For improvement it's important that I continue with the importance of self awareness. Self Awareness has great significance to leading a happy vibrant life. Without it, we don't know where to build, where to release or where to go. Many of my workshops have self awareness components, because I find it so important. I will definitely write some more articles about this and revise some of my workshops.

How do I nurture Spirit in my practice and what can I do to improve nurture? (my own/my clients/improvement):Third Eye Chakra: Memory, Heart Chakra: Self Acceptance, Solar Plexus Chakra: Warmth

Memory in conjunction with the Third Eye Chakra makes me think of Past Lives and Karma. I have been working with that extensively for myself, but I know there are still some blockages there. It's rare to have past lives intrude upon the present one in such a degree that it causes massive blocks. Still I know more positive benefit can be had by working on the past.

For clients, I do recommend to nurture your Spirit with self acceptance. That it's ok to walk at your own pace. That you are always where you need to be. That the road you are taking is the one that is meant to be. Self Acceptance is a huge part of the work I do with clients. Often they are surprised at out dated belief systems or self destructive behavior that comes from not accepting yourself. I am not, as in this western world, many are told to push harder and farther and to ignore their own boundaries. Healing this mindset of course harkens back towards the Awareness.

Warmth is something that had me smile a bit, as I always make sure the practice is warm. It's not nice to lay on the table or talk and feel cold. It's important to be comfortable when healing. Also, many of my clients have talked about the fact that they feel I am a warm person. This is a very beautiful compliment to me.

Well, many things to try in the coming weeks. If you are interested in trying out music, sounds or color within your session, please let me know!

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