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Questions from the practice: How do you feel about Past Lives?

By  Rianne Collignon     October 15, 2013    Labels:, 
Dear People,

A question I've been asked several times is if I believe in Past Lives and if I do, if I work with Past Lives. I must admit that my idea's about Past Lives have changed before and might change again, so I'll first talk about my own journey with Past Lives and afterwards will answer questions of clients.

My Past Life Journey
I was raised catholic and didn't really believe in Past Lives at all. After you died, you are meant to go to Heaven. Sometimes of course I would see Spirits or Souls and I would feel like those where either able to return from Heaven to give advice or to resolve issues or those that didn't find peace yet and needed help to get to Heaven. I never believed much in Hell. After all, God is all forgiving.

During these years I'd have strong dreams in which I was never myself. I would call them my movie dreams, as they were usually about exciting situations. I would be a man, woman and child and they would be in very different time periods. I remember waking up with a strong ache in my shoulder after dreaming I was watching a man get pierced by a crossbow bolt, falling off his horse and wondering if my wife and children would be alright without me. I also had strong reactions to places where I'd never been before, but still felt very much at home in.

I only started to shift a bit in my ideas when I went abroad and met somebody. We had an instant connection. Could finish each others sentences, felt each others emotions very keenly and I was just swamped with a constant feeling of knowing. I cautiously started on the road towards accepting that there might be past lives and that I might meet souls again.

Another notable moment was when I reconnected with another soul. She was older then me, but we always felt she was my 'adoptive child'. It was funny because when we talked about that, outsiders would think I was the child and she was my mom, because of our obvious age difference in this life. I mentioned to her that I've had flashes of a past life in which I was aiding a young Jewish woman in WW2. Sadly, the young woman got sick and died. I was pretty sure that this was a Dutch life. She was shocked to the core - as she had a notebook in which she had written that she felt she had been a young Jewish girl in WW2. She was fascinated by Anne Frank and although she wasn't Dutch she did end up living in Holland due to all kinds of circumstances.

Past Lives for me now
I did some exploring of course of Past Lives and people in them that were meaningful for me. It did illuminate many connections in my current life. I could understand why some interactions felt different then I was expecting or why certain blockages came up. I gained a deeper understanding of myself. Of course, I still have some work to do, so I will continue to meditate on them.

Past Lives in the practice
Past lives usually either come up because somebody is interested or because it affects the issue they are in the practice for. If it comes up as connected to the issue they want to heal and/or get advice on, I will often discuss the Past Life in question and it's current effect. Past Lives regularly come up during True Unity Healing sessions, because not all problems are rooted in this life.

When people are just interested, usually I ask them what type of Reading they are looking for. Most often my Past Life Reading is centered on Karma. What did you bring into this life, that can be healed now or what issues are connected to Past lives. I usually combine this type of Reading with some healing.

Sometimes however, people want to know who in their current live is a Past Life connection. I often tell them they do not need a Reading for that! Past life connections will feel curiously stronger then they should be, you will feel more at home with them and you might recognize that the interactions remind you of a different relationship than you are having in this life (parent-child while you are friends etc.). However, it can improve relationships if you get the old stuff 'out of the way'.
Curious about working with Past Lives? You can find all my blog posts about Past Lives here and I also did an Instagram Live Session about Past Lives, which you can watch here, which includes 2 exercises to connect to your Past Lives. If you feel you have Past Life Trauma you can also heal that with my True Unity Video: Past Life Trauma.

If you are interested in Past Lives, post a comment here on the blog, on the Facebook Fan Page, on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.

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