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Thoughts on Healing: Unhealthy Bonds and Cord Cutting

By  Rianne Collignon     July 19, 2013    Labels:, 
Dear people,

During our life we all form bonds continuously. Bonds with people, places and even companies and products. Most of these bonds are healthy ones, as we feel loved in return by our spouses, enjoy our homes, our job and our favorite foods. Some of these bonds are not and that is what this blog post is about.

Analyzing unhealthy bonds
I can easily see the bonds that are between people and use this in my work as a Psychic to help heal and balance bonds. For me those bonds are visible in the energy field and based on where they exists (head to head, heart to heart, belly area etc.) and how they look (strained overburdened etc.) I can see how healthy they are and what is missing/incorrect.

If you do not feel that you can check up on these bonds intuitively, looking at the results of these bonds is an easy solution to find what is going on.

Unhealthy bonds have the following consequences:
  • After contact with that person, place, company or product you feel drained, guilty, upset for a long time or experience other negative emotions
  • After contact with that person, place, company or product you feel physical upheaval, stomach aches, head aches or other physical complaints
  • After contact with that person, place, company or product you are overly worried, anxious, remunerating or other mental complaints
You might notice a mix of these consequences. The difference between an unhealthy bond and a healthy bond with a temporary upset is that one has troubles almost all of the time, while the other rarely has problems. So having this happen once in a while, doesn't make your bond unhealthy, but it happening all the time does.

Do I need to cut my unhealthy bonds?
People often worry that they have to cut all contact when a bond is unhealthy. I do not recommend doing that every time, because that way we will never learn. We are responsible for half of every bond, so it becomes toxic or unhealthy we have the opportunity to learn and grow and balance that bond in a better way.

I only recommend cutting bonds if there is a danger to your life or your well being, because you shouldn't risk that for anything or anybody. Or if you have tried to balance the bond, but it isn't working.

What can I do to achieve balance in my bonds with others?
The perfect way is of course seeing why there is an upset and solving that root issue. If you solve it on your end, the bond will balance itself out. Often people are surprised that their spouse, parent, child or friend acts differently. While it's madness to expect things to change if you do the same thing over and over, a small change can have large results. If you can't seem to find the root cause rationally tune into your intuition or ask for a reading on this issue.

Sometimes however people will also carry old bonds when the people, places, companies or products involved are no longer in their lives. Like a loyalty to an old company that went bankrupt disrupting your current job or a trauma concerning a parents disrupting your own parenting. In that case, it's smart to just 'cut the cord' and release the past. There are many cord cutting exercises online. Some focus on asking for help while others use visualizations to release those bonds.

I personally choose a method that fits me and the occasion. I have cut cords by writing letters and then burning them. I have asked Archangel Michael to cut some cords for me. I have done many visualizations to cut cords and urge people to find what works for them or ask me for an exercise that they can use.

 Want to know more about Energetic Bonds and do some cord cutting with me? Check out my Instagram Live: Energetic Bonds & Cord Cutting
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