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Questions from the Practice: How much sessions do I need?

By  Rianne Collignon     July 10, 2013    Labels: 
Dear People,

Sometimes questions are very personal, so I won't answer them on the blog. However, the issues that I generally outline here have been asked in one form or another by clients. After all, many people want to know how much sessions they need.

How much sessions do clients need?
On average I need around 3-5 sessions when clients come with a specific problem. An example would be: fear of driving, relationship problem or career problem. 

Besides giving the average is there a way to estimate how much sessions I need?
I can only give an estimate based on what I feel is right, which is usually accurate. Sometimes it's not due to circumstances that have changed during treatment (worsening due to behavior or external circumstances) or due to changes in how well the treatment is working. I try my best to give a good estimate, but sadly I'm not all knowing.

When I give an estimate I usually check the following:
  • How long has the problem persisted
  • How well is somebody responding to treatment
  • Is the problem isolated or connected to many different layers 
Sometimes that means the estimate has to increase to 5-10 sessions and sometimes it means only 1 or 2 sessions are needed.

Why does it matter how long the problem has been around?
When a problem has persisted for a long time (10+ years) it usually takes longer to shift then something that has been around for a year or so. It has become more of a part of somebodies life and energy field and that pattern has to be broken.

I also notice that a long term problem shifting can cause a feeling of stress or imbalance when it's gone. For example, somebody living under the cloud of depression for 20 years with all the problems that entails (mood, energy, goal setting) will need some guidance when that cloud lifts.

How can you tell how well somebody is responding to treatment?
After the energy healing I will see the changes in the energy field. Sometimes people will have noticed changes themselves (feeling lighter, yawning, crying and feeling a bit dizzy), sometimes they won't, but I always see it. So I can gauge how well the session has worked.

The next time I see somebody I can see what type of changes have stuck and what type of changes haven't. I also of course discuss with them what they have noticed. Some people notice rapid changes in their behavior, physical body, emotional life and mental peace, while others will note little to no changes. Since I see the energy field again I can gauge better how much sessions they will need.

Very rarely the energy field has responded extremely well in the first few sessions, but then levels off. Sometimes this means there is another root issue to discuss and explore, sometimes it means that the issue has more roots in the physical body. Since I work on the energy field, sometimes the changes on the physical level are not enough. All treatments have their limits. I will then refer clients to somebody else.

How do you see if an issue is isolated or not?
I often see how an issue is connected, because I work on the root cause of issues. This is the reason the healing 'sticks' and you don't have to come back regularly to keep the benefits. Sometimes it's strange for people to realise their issue is connected to something that has happened when they were 6 or 12. However, when you clear it and they notice a lot of improvement, they often see the issue in a bit of a different light.

When an issue is very isolated, connected to only a few events, it's easier to solve. However sometimes an issue can be connected to so much past events or to karma that when I start resolving layers more and more pops up. It's like you caught a fish in your net, but when hauling it in, you realise it has 2 or 3 more fishes and the bounty just keeps coming. It can be great to resolve so much issues, but sometimes it's disappointing to work for a long time before finding total relief.

Often an issue is resolved completely but it was connected to another issue so there are changes there too. For example I once helped somebody release her fear of cars and driving after some serious accidents in her family. After one session she noticed she not only was happier in her car, she also felt more safe in stores and outside. This might be a connection you expect, but I also seen unexpected connections when old pains in the body or behavior rapidly disappeared. This extra benefit is wonderful, but often very unexpected.

Can I ask you for an estimate?
Sure. You can ask me before we meet for the first session by e-mail or phone or during your session. 

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