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Monthly Evaluation Reading

By  Rianne Collignon     July 02, 2013    Labels: 
Dear People,

Often I do Readings on new ventures, workshops or other ideas I was brainstorming about. So right now I do a lot of different things: workshops, courses, sessions by phone, e-mail or at the practice. I also use several different techniques. It seems I'm always adding new things and while that is very satisfying it also eats up quite a bit of time. So this month, I decided to check what I should cut from my practice.

I decided to work with the Good Witch/Bad Witch Oracle from Gillian Kemp again. I've used it for a Monthly Evaluation Reading before. It will help fine tune where I need to make changes. Sometimes you do not have a specific set of Questions for a Reading or a focus, so I will usually cast a wider net and then fine tune the Questions. When I work with clients, I usually do a General Reading first, so I can see what issues pop up. After that, we will deepen the issues so the advice becomes more specific. Readings for myself, I have more time then during a session, so some questions will probably be superfluous, but it will also give a clearer total picture.

Current state: Good Witches: Immortal Witch, The Woods Witch, Happy Witch and Water Witch. Bad Witches: The Silver Moon Witch
Overall, my practice is healthy. I enjoy the work I do, it gives me and others much happiness and a clearer view on both their emotional/subconscious as the rational/conscious. The only problem is the one most companies have at the moment: money. The Silver Moon Witch is all about creating enough money and feeling safe and secure. Sometimes I do feel like a little boat on the waves, wondering where new clients will spring from. And then, out of the blue, three people will call me. I often told people that being self-employed is not my dream, but with my calling I have no choice.

Am I spending the right amount of time on clients (aka e-mails, preparation time, phone calls)? Good Witch: Treasure Witch, Bad Witches: The Warty Witch & The Bat Witch
Ok, I know technically that I spend a little too much time on clients sometimes, but I treasure my clients. Sometimes I can spend around 3 or 4 hours answering e-mails, picking up phone calls and preparing for sessions. I definitely know that I should cut down on it some, but I am often very long winded I must admit.

I will look into several options to cut down time a bit.

Am I spending the right amount of time on brainstorming new workshops? Bad Witch: The Green Witch, Abracadrabra Witch and Good Witch: The Immortal Witch
I much enjoy giving workshops on plenty of different subjects. I love to teach, as it gives everybody the opportunity to learn and flower. I believe we are all eternal students. It does however, take quite a bit of time. I brainstorm the workshops, make my own workshop books and have to do quite a bit of promotion for them. I adjust workshops based on the groups that I will receive.

Many times people have told me that I should cut down on the amount of workshops that I give and I have done so this past year. Even so, it might free up more time if I make a dedicated change. I plan also to have more leadership as a workshop leader. I'm often also involved in the workshop if the number of participants is uneven and then it's hard to check up on all participants.

I got a lot of inspiration while working on this, so I guess I have more then enough on my plate to brainstorm with now!

Do I need to cut down the number of techniques I use: Good Witch: Happy Witch, Bad Witches: The Bat Witch and The Green Witch
I guess I already knew this, which is why I asked. I have some techniques that I rarely use and that I hardly ever advertise because I rarely use them. In the beginning when I just started I loved working with as many different techniques as possible. I tried honing my skills with different things to see what suited me and sometimes just for fun. However, business wise it can be quite a hassle to keep up with all of them and to take all my tools everywhere.

Also I have seen changes in some of the techniques I use, which is wonderful. I want to work in a deeper fashion with those techniques so it will certainly be interesting to work with them more often.

Well a lot to think about this summer and to move towards new horizons! I'm excited to implement some changes that others might not see, but are important for me!

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