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Thoughts on Healing: Archetypes

By  Rianne Collignon     November 07, 2013    Labels:,, 
Dear People,

I often work with Archetypes and I really recommend Caroline Myss excellent work in that field. If you never worked with them, this is a quick 3 way exercise to see what you can do with them. Speaking as concise as possible Archetypes are mental thought constructs that we can all relate too. They often are universal, but we have personal responses to all of them. Each archetype can encompass positive and negative qualities.

Balancing the Mother Archetype
The Mother Archetype is very universal, because almost all of us have mothers or mother figures or in the course of our lives have mothering behavior towards pets, children or adults. Balancing out this Archetype means that we can take care of others and ourselves in a fashion that's healthy and right for us.

Take a sheet of paper and around 10-20 minutes of time. Imagine the Mother Archetype: what does she look like, how does she act, what kind of qualities do you see in her and what kind of items would she be holding or using.

Set it the paper aside and work on the other Archetypes first.

Balancing the Father Archetype
The Father Archetype is also very universal for extremely similar reasons to the Mother Archetype. Balancing this archetype means that we know how to take charge of our lives, are able to move forward and own our own authority.
Take a new sheet of paper and around 10-20 minutes of time. Imagine the Father Archetype: what does he look like, how does he act, what kind of qualities do you see in him and what kind of items would he be holding or using.

Set it the paper aside and work on the last Archetype first.

Balancing the Child Archetype
All off us have had radically different childhoods, but some aspects of behavior are still universally connected to children or childhood, hence the word childish. It can mean negative qualities like immaturity, but also positive qualities like childlike delight. Sometimes people split the Child Archetype into different expressions, but for this exercise, just see yourself as the child.

Take a new sheet of paper and around 10-20 minutes of time. Imagine the Child Archetype: what does he/she look like, how does he/she act, what kind of qualities do you see in him/her and what kind of items would he/she be holding or using.

Using your impressions in a healing way
Most people have written down positive and negative attributes on each of their Archetypes. Take a look on how balanced your Archetypes are. If they are mostly negative a lot of healing opportunities await you and if they are mostly positive congratulate yourself.

Usually we write down the negative attributes that are a reflection of the way we personally see the Archetype that have come about because of experiences in our past and will continue to effect your now and future. You might have seen these negative attributes within yourself or within others you love as well.

For example: Ascertain what past experience has made you feel the Mother Archetype was smothering and acknowledge where that happens in your life now or where you are trying to be the exact opposite. Affirm gently that you allow that Archetype to be balanced in your life again - close your eyes and gently breathe in and out. Affirm that you forgive all past experiences and move on.

You can also use the negative of an Archetype to balance them out by affirming the positive part. So affirm that Mother figures should be nurturing and inspiring and breathe in that energy until you feel sated.

Want to share how you feel about these Archetypes? Post your results on the blog, the Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me about them!

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