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Thoughts on Healing: Solving Problems by understanding their base structure

By  Rianne Collignon     November 28, 2013    Labels:, 
Dear People,

The fastest way to heal a problem is to find the root cause and demolish that. However, finding the root cause is often confusing and hard for people. The root cause might be buried within your subconscious or it might not be what you thought at all and have been working to eliminate. The benefit of going to a Psychic Healer is that I can tell you what your root cause is. I must say that in all my sessions telling people their true root cause it always leaves them quite surprised. Afterwards however, they can often see how this root cause is interconnected with their problems.

Sometimes however, people do not have a single root cause and that is what this article is about. You need to find the base structure of your problem to effectively solve it.

Tree Structure
A Root Cause can be like a tree structure. Underlying the problem are the roots that we mostly don't know about. Above grows the trunk, the visual representation of the problem, with sometimes branches (side problems) that are all connected to this problem. To dissolve the problem, we really need to uproot the tree. Cutting down the trunk won't help, because the roots will continue to grow.

For example: A Root cause of a Depression can be a chemical imbalance, the trunk are the depressed feelings, sadness, lack of motivation etc. and the branches are related problems like not feeling sociable, frustration at not being able to do what you want, physical complaints because you are not active enough etc.

In the example, the root cause needs to be eliminated, so the chemical imbalance needs to be treated. If instead the main visible problem (the trunk) is treated, with for example talk therapy, the problems might decrease, but it won't be eliminated.

Web Structure
In a web structure, there is no central cause. Instead, the main problem consists of strands of problems that are build upon each other are are interconnected. To dissolve the web, you need to pull enough strands so it will collapse upon itself.

For example: A Depression with a web structure will have many different root causes that all build upon each other like: several instances of abuse (sexual, mental, emotional, physical), behavior problems rooted in multiple past experiences (anxiety, social problems) and several instances of past trauma.

In the example, there is no root cause to eliminate. However, if you choose to pull one strand of the web, for example, a past traumatic experience limited by time or by type, most likely you will see improvement across the board, because other strands will lose coherence. It's hard to see which is the easiest to pull though and which will have the most effect.

How do I recognize which structure is underlying my problem?
Almost everybody who comes into my practice is aware of the problem they are having. All of them have tried solving their problems, sometimes extensively and often with help from others. How your problem responds is one of the best ways to see what is going on.

How has your progress been?
If you have had very little or almost no progress, despite knowing the main problems (for example relationship patterns, self esteem, physical health etc.), most likely you are having a tree problem, but you haven't been working on the root issue.

If you have made progress, but it's slow and steady and it seems that you still have so much to work on (for example multiple trauma's), most likely you have a web problem and you can see many interconnected problems in your life.

If you have made remarkable progress, only for your problem to return, most likely you will have a Tree structure problem. Tree structure problems tend to grow over time, as the longer the root cause stays, the more the pattern of problems will grow. Subconsciously, you will attract the kind of energy to truly solve a problem, so you will return to this pattern over and over again to have it solved.

If I find out I have a Tree Structure Problem, what's the best to do?
Find the root cause. You can try dream work, meditation, visualization or of course book a session with me. Remember that the root cause can be an incident during a specific age, a mental pattern within, a subconscious story, a blocked emotion, a past life karma or many many other things.

If I find out I have a Web Structure Problem, what's the best to do?
Understand that you are in for the long haul, because you need to patiently work on issues that are all interconnected. The upside is that the collapse will be striking and improve many area's of your life. Often that collapse is sudden, as not all the stands need to be pulled.

Wondering what's underlying your problem or have an interesting story to share? Post on the Blog or the Facebook Fan Page.

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