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Healing Thoughts: Nurturing

By  Rianne Collignon     August 18, 2020    Labels: 


Dear People, 

With everything going on in the world, nurturing yourself and others is vital. We are bombarded with difficult news, changes in our routines and for most people stress levels are rising. Nurturing is a beautiful antidote, making us feel loved, cared for and cherished. When we nurture ourselves and others, we recharge in many different ways. So today I'm writing about ways to nurture yourself including a little exercise.
Nurturing your body

There are many ways to nurture your body and it's vital that we do so. The easiest ways are with those we have readily available to us: sleeping and eating. Don't hesitate to take some naps if you need that type of nurturing. Naps can help us feel more relaxed and rebuild our bodies. In hot weather or stressful times, we often don't sleep enough and going to bed earlier doesn't always work. It's no wonder that in hot countries daily siesta is a thing. Enjoy that type of nurturing for yourself.


 It's sometimes hard to eat the right food for ourselves as we might choose easier to prepare foods, fatter foods or more sugar, alcohol and coffee just to feel like we can remain upright or relax. Taking some time to home cook a meal, create a lovely salad or eat some extra fruit can really feel extremely nurturing. Taking the time to eat it and savor the flavors can really nurture your body and kick start your energy.


Other ways of body nurture can include: massages, nice body lotions, longer showers or a bubble bath, long relaxing walks or exercise. Take some time to check in and give yourself what you need.


Nurturing your heart

It's easy to fill your life with chores and plans, but harder sometimes to eke out time for ourselves. Our hearts needs nurturing too. It's good to connect with friends and family who uplift and nurture us. To do things that make your heart glad. I always encourage creative pursuits, but working towards your goals can also bring heart happiness. 


Nurturing our heart is vital in making sure we feel motivated, joyful and positive. If you notice your mood dropping or feel listless and empty, it's time to nurture your heart. Another great way of heart nurture is to spend some time in nature. Seeing how it nurtures growth is a great way to feel relaxed and happy.


It's harder to give tips for heart nurturing, because it's so personal where our heart is most invested, but one way to consider is to help nurture others. When we help others out (not sacrifice, but true helpfulness) we also feel a great sense of joy and accomplishment. So look around and see who you can support.


Nurturing your mind

Nowadays our mind can be filled so quickly with stress, with bite size morsels that keep us occupied like reading the news obsessively or checking out social media. It seems like our minds are always running, but they aren't being nurtured at all.


A good way to nurture the mind is learning, by reading, watching or listening to something that helps us learn something new. Mind energy is always running, so why not move it towards something that enriches your life? Check out a documentary, read a book or listen to a podcast that improves your life. 


Other ways of mind nurturing include: meditation, visualization, writing in a journal, reflecting on your day, goal setting and fantasizing. Set some time aside to nurture your mind.


Nurturing your spirit

We all have a soul path to walk and we move into busy-work, our spirits will find ways to get us back on the path. If you feel unsatisfied with your life or like everything is meaningless, it's a good sign that your spirit needs nurturing. A sense of wanting some drama/adventure and something that happens to shake things up is also a warning sign that you should start nurturing your spirit.


A wonderful way to nurture your spirit is taking time to listen within: what truly matters to you. What secret hopes and dreams have been forgotten and have to be reclaimed. Actively asking for help from your idea of higher power (God/Universe etc.) will get you back into nurturing your spirit.


Other ways of nurturing your spirit include: gratitude journal, meditation, soul path healing, attraction work and shadow work.


Want to talk about what you do to nurture yourself? Post a message on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or talk to me in the practice.

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