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Questions from the Practice: How do you connect with God/Heaven/The Universe?

By  Rianne Collignon     October 28, 2020     

Dear People,

I often get asked what the difference is between "being open to things" and actively connecting to God, Heaven or the Universe. For simplicity sake, I will be using God, as that's my belief system, but substitute it with any type of Higher Power that you are comfortable with. I will write about some ways to connect today, but there are many different ways that you can connect with God.

Active asking

The most simple way of actively asking for me is praying. When I pray, I often ask for wisdom, inspiration, support or direction, for myself and people I love. I take time then also to listen. Since I'm psychic, I often hear instructions or sense something or will dream something important after prayer. Prayer helps tune up the connection for me. For others, it might be meditation, silence, automatic writing or many other tools.


I wrote a blog post before on Asking for help with tips on how to ask for help in different ways.

Active lessons

I like to live a very conscious life, so I usually have a theme of the week, a monthly Reading and many other ways to actively connect to the lessons that are mine. I highly recommend doing this, either by using your intuition or choosing what you want to work on.


If you choose what to work on first choose a theme like for example growth, awareness, forgiveness, assertiveness etc. or a subject like for example relationships, work, career, health etc. Then, ask that you may actively receive lessons that day. 


You can receive those lessons by suddenly gaining insight during a conversation, by seeing a pattern in the world around you, by something that happens to you or by something you feel in your body. 


Personally, I like to use both ways often, by using introspection a lot and giving everything that happens in my life it's proper weight. I try to practice gratitude for the good and bad things that happen in my life.

Using my gifts

Another way to truly connect with God is to use the gifts I've been given. I love doing creative work and it helps me feel very close and connected. However, I also count cooking, enjoying food, helping others and many other talents as my gifts.


A lot of people feel deeply inspired or close to God when they work creatively. If you feel you can't be creative or block yourself, enjoying other people's creative work (music, books, tv etc.) can also help us actively connect to God.


So in summary, for me, actively connecting means I am taking an active role, either by doing something or by using introspection. Just being open, is a passive thing, that is just 'on' all day long. I prefer to do active things regularly, because when you live a busy life it's much easier to disregard signals consciously or not. 


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