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Joy of Psychic Life: Dealing with transitions

By  Rianne Collignon     May 12, 2020    Labels: 
Dear People,

With so much going on in the world, it's been a very busy time for me. Even so, I'd like to write about sensing the threshold today, as I feel a lot of people are noticing signs of transition in their lives. When we speak about transition, we know that this is a journey, a time span, but usually we only receive the peace and gratitude when the transition is completely over and the goal has been reached. However, I find it very important to find that relaxation within a transition. The waves are always moving, so it pays off to feel at peace with that movement.

Start of a transition
Often, people are quite unclear on when a transition has started in their lives. If you are looking for a transition in your love life, did it start when you start looking for a partner, when you were dating, when you fell in love? Most transitions don't have clear start times, but there are phases during the start of a transition that can help you pinpoint what is going on and what transition is happening.

Almost always a transition starts at a Spiritual Level: feelings of dissatisfaction, wanting a new challenge/the next step, missing excitement, feeling less alive and getting signs that you need to make changes. Not everybody is aware of this level, most people will rationalize these feelings and signs away causing the transition to move downwards.

Now the transition will reach the Mind Level as well: we start worrying, thinking or analyzing. We find ourselves with an idea or a situation that becomes stuck in our mind. Like a stone in our shoe, we keep coming back to it. Time to make changes, but again, some people will rationalize these thoughts away.

So if we don't take appropriate steps to transition, it will reach the Emotional Level. Now the feelings of dissatisfaction will grow. We will feel exhausted, upset and irritable. We struggle with meaninglessness, feeling unhappier and out of sorts.Again, some people will rationalize these feelings, on top of the already existing thoughts and signs, away.

Then, it will reach the Physical Level. Almost always people will start getting small health complaints: tiredness, soreness, aches and upsets. If we keep struggling against the tide of transition, the health problems will become worse.

As a Psychic, I keep myself tuned into my Spiritual Level as much as possible. I ask to be a divine tool as a miracle worker/light bringer. I listen to what's needed for myself and others. I often pray and meditate. As such, I have easier transitions in my life and less general upset.

Sensing the threshold

Embracing the transition doesn't mean that we don't struggle a bit. This mostly happens because people want a transition to be over faster (so they can get to the goal) or they don't see any improvements yet (so they want to move faster).

Just like it's darkest before dawn, a transition is often working quietly until the situation has changed completely. When we continue to put in the energy, thoughts, prayers and dedication, we will transition to our next phases. So, if you are impatient, invest in gratitude and dedication.

If you listen quietly though and meditate, you might already sense the threshold to your new level. As such, that's a great way of keeping yourself motivated. As a Psychic, I often get forewarned about big transitions (moving house, marriage etc.) and I will do Year Readings to see when I have thresholds hidden in my year. I highly recommend taking the time to do the same or ordering a Reading.

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