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Healing Thoughts: Spreading Joy

By  Rianne Collignon     May 08, 2020    Labels:, 
Dear people,

When times are hard, for ourselves or for our loved one's it's important to spread some joy. Even if you aren't in the mood for joy, joy is so contagious that when you try to spread it, your mood uplifts too. Some of us are naturally optimistic and upbeat, but even if you feel you aren't, it's always worthwhile to spread joy.

Reflection exercise
Before giving some tips to spread joy, it's important to do some reflection on what specifically brings you and your loved ones joy. There are so many ways to spread joy, but not all are received equally and not all will be as fun for you either.

Questions about your ways of spreading joy:
  • What skills can I share to spread joy?
  • What hobby's/passions can I share?
  • What knowledge can I share?
  • What gifts can I share?
  • What do I love to share?
  • What type of helping makes me happy? 
  • What enlivens me?

Questions about others:
  • What help do my loved ones need?
  • What could I do to make their lives easier? 
  • What gifts do my loved ones enjoy?
  • What are my loved ones passions?
  • What are my loved ones favorite past times?

Ways of spreading joy
There are many ways to spread joy, some simple and some complex, but these are some of my favorite ways:
  • Smile at everybody you meet that day
  • Bring a good mood to a difficult meeting
  • Make or bring coffee or tea for everybody
  • Share a (home baked) gift together
  • Share a comic, joke or funny video with somebody who needs it
  • Write a sweet note or leave a sweet voicemail
  • Draw a quick cute doodle
  • Bring Gerbera Flowers and share them around
  • Have a pillow fight
Want to share your ways of spreading joy? Post a comment on the blog or Facebook Fan Page.

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