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Thoughts on Healing: Surrender

By  Rianne Collignon     October 03, 2023    Labels:,, 


Dear people,


Today I'm writing about surrender, a beautiful energy and a conscious commitment that can help us stay in the Flow and follow our best path. While we all know that surrender can be beautiful, it often brings up resistance in us. That's because it can be misused and because our ego loves being in control. So if you want to know more about surrender or use it work magic in your life, try out the exercise in this Blog,  watch the Creating Joy - Surrender video, use the Manifestation Meditation Surrender or work with the Affirmations on Surrender.


What surrender isn't


When I recently spoke to somebody about surrender, she told me that she hates that word. I asked her what surrender was for her and she spoke of giving yourself to another person 100% and obeying them 100%. I told her that sounds more like slavery - not the surrender I believe in.

Surrender is a choice. It should mean that we choose to listen. After the listening, we need to use our own talents and skills and feel authentically if this is the right path for us. If that's true, we choose to give ourselves and then choose to follow. However, we never lose sight of our own judgement or responsibility and we keep checking if the path we are following is right for us. That means that for true surrender, we need our body, heart, mind and intuition to be in alignment with what we are doing. We keep ourselves accountable during our life - not follow blindly or forever.

Why surrender is hard


Our ego loves being in control.  It will tell us that we know best and we can do it on our own. Even when asking for help would make our lives easier. Even when we are struggling against the current of life, because what we want is out of alignment with our souls. Yes, it's hard to accept that what we have planned isn't working or that what we are trying for isn't right for us, but if we don't, we just keep hitting the same wall over and over again. 


So to truly surrender, we need to understand our own ego, we need to understand our own need to be right and to be in control. Letting somebody else take the lead, even if it's God/The Universe or whatever Higher Power you feel comfortable with, isn't a walk in the park. We need to truly exercise our own free will to choose to surrender.


Why you should surrender


We, as human beings, are very limited. We can't truly understand another person 100%. We can try and we can empathize but what's in the heart of other people is still a guess for us. We can't see the whole picture - the world is big and filled with billions of people. We don't truly understand all of ourselves and we often act based on subconscious behavior, past trauma or emotion. So we will do things that are bad for us or won't bring us what is needed. 


God, the Universe, Higher Power, doesn't have this limitation. A perfect plan, filled with the best rewards, the most love and kindness etc. is waiting for us. When we surrender, we feel loved and cherished. When we surrender, we get all the help we need. When we surrender, our life might turn out differently then we thought, hoped or desired, but it will be better. Sometimes we can easily see that, when we have left one partner and meet up with somebody better suited, sometimes we don't know why the plan is as is it is.


Surrendering means we are living our purpose - we are following our soul's path. Besides all those rewards, we feel fulfilled. We live in the certainty that we are doing the right things. Yet, for all that, it's a struggle for most of us to surrender.


Surrender exercise


Take around 5-15 minutes for this exercise and make sure you aren't disturbed. It's likely that you will seek distractions, because the ego doesn't want to surrender. Try to get back to the exercise and count the amount of times you have been distracted. Knowing our level of resistance towards surrender is worthwhile.

Pick a pen and a paper and write down:

  1. What your thoughts/feelings/insights are about surrender
  2. Where do you feel you can surrender
  3. Where do you still feel conflict or the need to control the outcome
  4. Take the time to consciously choose to surrender and notice all resistances that come up
  5. Release any resistance by using your favorite healing method
  6. Affirm: I surrender


Want to share your thoughts and ideas about surrender? Leave a comment on this Blog, my Facebook Fan Page or contact me on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.

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