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Healing Thoughts: Releasing Annoyances

By  Rianne Collignon     February 20, 2020    Labels:, 
Dear people,

In our daily lives we all have annoyances, some big and some small. Mostly, we are able to process these because we have acceptance, forgiveness and wisdom. Sometimes however annoyances can stay stuck in our mind, our heart, our body or even our energy field. Then they can grow towards resentment, frustration or other more difficult energies to process.

So today, I'm sharing an exercise about how to get rid of those small annoyances by giving yourself a combination of venting time, reflection time and laughter. This exercise is best done with two people, but can also be done alone. If you do it alone, I recommend you either do it before a mirror or you choose to actively move position (like moving seats or standing space) to get the most of this exercise.

Releasing Annoyances Exercise
  • Person 1: admits the annoyance out loud
  • Person 2: acknowledges and accept the annoyance
  • Swap sides after Person 1 is done 
Now, this sounds extremely simple, but it's very important that the person listening actively decides to join in the energy of the first person. It's very hard not to judge the annoyance (Oh, you are being silly, childish, stupid, vengeful etc.) or to offer up solutions.

If this is done well, person 1 will feel heard, understood and validated. Person 1 might even feel how the energy of the annoyance changes, just because the annoyance is shared and validated. The healing power of active listening compared to receive advice or a solution is quite beautiful.

Person 2 might feel judgements come up that they can choose to release. Releasing your judgements on another also frees you. If you judge an annoyance as 'childish', that means you will judge yourself too if you feel that way about something or someone.

Besides freeing themselves of judgements, person 2 can feel the struggle to 'want to help' come up for release as well. Releasing the need to play the hero/be the helper/find the solution, brings a sense of peace to both parties. We are only talking about small annoyances after all, so why do they need to be solved?

Some examples to acknowledge and accept the annoyance for Person 2:
  • "Oh that sucks"
  • "That's irritating"
  • "That's sad"
  • "You are right that's <insert feeling person 1 shared>"
  • "I share in your <insert feeling person 1 shared> 
  • "I hear you"
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