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Thoughts on Healing: Past Lives Healing

By  Rianne Collignon     November 28, 2023    Labels:,, 


Dear people,


I've already written a blog about what my thoughts are about Past Lives and about Past Live Baggage, but I feel there is a lot more to explore. You can also watch my Instagram Live: Past Lives which features information about my Past Life experiences, how I feel about Past Lives and ways they can influence our current life. I also did 2 exercises that you can try to connect to your Past Lives. Today I'm writing an exercise to help you heal Past Lives and move forward for those of us who prefer the written word.


Past Lives: Romantic connection


Without a doubt this is the one type of Past Live experience that people just love to talk about. Meeting somebody who we've loved before in our current life feels so very romantic. In some cases it absolutely is and you see star crossed lovers getting another chance to be together, but that's not all that can happen.

Sometimes meeting somebody who you have loved brings a lot of chaos and important lessons. You might find your current relationship inadequate or find new passions or have a transformation. In the end you might not end up with that past love after all, finding that your past lover is just the catalyst for change.


You might find that you have so much past life romantic baggage that you need to heal that, before you can have a romantic relationship in this life. It might be that you've been too hurt and swore in several life times that you will stay celibate or single or turned away from society. If you are wondering why you stay single in this life - without having any bad relationship experiences - this might be the issue.

Past Lives: Recovering wisdom


Another way to use Past Lives is to recover wisdom you've gained there and have forgotten. A lot of times people focus on trauma or past social/romantic connections, but luckily our past lives are just as varied as our current one. So that means there is good and bad in each of them.

I've even done a Joy of Past Lives Video to remind people that there would have been joys in their Past Lives too. You can learn to connect to those, so you might regain a talent, remember an important lesson, connect to a masculine or feminine energy, find wisdom or experience something you think you'd like to experience again.

Past Lives: Healing Trauma

Trauma can hide in a past life, so when you feel you aren't moving forward in this life, it's helpful to consider if you are trying to heal the wrong place and time. Fears, pain or bad thought patterns can all originate in a past life. You can use my True Unity: Releasing Past Live Trauma to help heal this or try the exercise below.

Past Lives: Exercise


  • Pen & Paper
  • Most important lesson was in the life 
  • I was a man/woman
  • I was living in the country now named:
  • I need to learn
  • by understanding
  • ask for anything still haunting your current life to be healed
  • Ask to receive the complete gift of that life


You can change the script to adjust for what you want to do like for example:


  • Past Life most in need of healing
  • Past Life with most painful baggage
  • Past Life with most romantic baggage
  • Past Life with an unhealed fear impacting your current life
  • Past Life with the biggest money block
  • Past Life with most health problems
  • Past Life with the most wonder
  • Past Live with the most wisdom
  • Past Live with a talent in <fill in what you'd like>
  • Past Live with an important lesson
  • Past Live with a loving relationship
  • Past Live with an abundance Flow


I do recommend you only attempt the healing or exploration of only one Past Life per day. Healing can continue on other levels and also trigger memories, dreams or insights. If you have done a lot of work, you might get headaches, dizziness or other physical complaints or it's harder to find the understanding you need.

Want to change more with me about Past Lives? Leave a comment on this Blog, my Facebook Fan Page, contact me on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.

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