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Questions from the Practice: Do you heal animals?

By  Rianne Collignon     October 04, 2022    Labels:,, 


Dear People,


I already wrote a little bit about my work with animals in 2012 here, but since it's World Animal Day, I thought I'd expand that answer a little bit. We all love our pets and it's very difficult to see them suffer, be in pain or feeling like we are failing to understand why they behave like they do. So let me answer some common questions about healing animals.

What does a session look like when it's for animal instead of a person?


Since pets can't talk, I can of course not hold an intake with them. I will talk to the owner about what type of problem they have seen or what they have heard from their vet. The preparation work is the same for a human or for a pet. I look at the energy field, listen for guidance and tune into any type of messages. 

In the session itself, I can't ask the pet to take the steps during my True Unity technique. Sometimes the owner takes the steps for the animal and sometimes I tune in to see when the energy shift is done. I can tune in when the pet is in my practice, but also if the pet is just at the owners home. I often ask owners to schedule a healing time when pets are resting or relaxed so the energy can flow as easily as possible. 

For after care, I of course talk with the owner on what changes they have noticed (in behavior or in health) and if I notice the healing energy isn't flowing like I'd want to see it (at the 3 week mark) or the results aren't like we expected, I will boost it, the same as I would do for a human client.

Why would people ask for a healing session for their pet?

Behavior issues in pets can be very hard to treat. Some owners have done a lot of training, but still notice fear responses or anger responses in their pets. Healing is especially good for pets who have been abused in previous homes and continue to feel unsafe in current loving homes. I've had great success in healing trauma in humans and in animals, but while a human can talk and process changes, a pet can't. As a result of my healing pets have become more relaxed, less vocal and more playful within days of a session.


Owners also sometimes have a hard time understanding behavior in their pets. Why does their dog suddenly bark a lot or why is the cat so stressed that it's peeing in the house? Finding out exactly what's going on and treating that is a lot more helpful then general treatment for anxiety with pills or other medical interventions. It's a pity animals can't speak to us, but tuning into their energy I often get a lot of emotional impressions and guidance as to what's bothering them. While the answer can be as simple as changing a jacket that scares them, changing their food or walking times, finding that out by process of elimination is a lot harder. That's why a session can be so helpful.


And of course, just like with humans, there can be issues that regular medical care can't treat (effectively), Healing work can reduce pain when pets are allergic to pain medications or when they react badly to them by being extremely drowsy. It can also speed up healing when the body of the pet is having a hard time on it's own. Of course, healing sessions have their limits as well, so sometimes there isn't anything I can do for a pet and it's owner.

If you are wondering if I can help your pet, just ask me for a free intake. If you have another question for me send me an email or talk to me through the socials by leave a comment on my Blog, Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram.

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