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Thoughts on Healing: Tips to remember your lessons

By  Rianne Collignon     September 28, 2022    Labels:, 



Dear people,


September is almost over and a lot of people are back to work and study, so time for a blog post on how to remember your lessons. Even if you aren't studying, remember your life sessions is a vital way to move forward wiser and better prepared. Nothing is more annoying then making the same mistake again. In Dutch we have a saying about a donkey and a stone, but in English the saying is: |a fox is not taken twice in the same snare." So let's talk about remembering your lessons!

Connect your lessons to a memory


If it's a life lesson, you would probably remember when you learnt it. The people you were with or the situation you were in. If you keep this memory alive, you will keep the lesson alive as well. You can return to it several times and making it a core memory. 


When you are studying something, you will only have memories of you in the classroom or you studying from a book. Even so, you might connect your lessons you are learning to a memory in your life. For example: if you are studying history about wars, you might have similar conflicts in your life. Even if the situation is not 100% similar, it will help you remember. 

Create a story


Don't have a good memory to connect to? You can also make a story. Stories are wonderful mnemonic devices, which is why they have been used all through the ages. Before writing things down, oral history or story telling, was the absolute best way to remember what had happened. 


So if you are trying to keep something alive in your brain, create a story about it. Even if you have really boring mathematical formula or grammatical rules, creating a story about it is worthwhile. Sometimes people have done it already, so if you google you might find them premade, but doing the work yourself helps even more. A personal story sticks better in your memory.


I often create stories for my life lessons, not only because it helps me remember, but also because it helps me teach. Teaching stories are a time honored tradition because it's easier to remember them and to apply their lessons. You might have made some already without even realizing it or have passed down teaching stories from your parents. 


Crafting a good story is wonderful and I highly recommend it. One of my favorite


Write it down


In today's world of computers it can be hard to write things down, but actually using a pen or pencil does help your brain remember better. That's why I still carry a paper planner as well as having a bullet journal. Writing things down is a great help in remembering things even if you throw away the paper later. An easy way to notice that is when you write a shopping list, even if if you forget it at home, you remember more of what you needed then if you didn't do it. 


I personally don't like that paper isn't searchable, so often, I also digitize things for myself. I still notice that I retain more when I write it down first though. So all my prep work for clients always start as paper notes.  


Want to share your favorite ways of remembering lessons? I'd love to hear from you in the comments, or you can email me or send me a message on the Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram.

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