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Thoughts on Healing: Animal Totems

By  Rianne Collignon     July 20, 2022    Labels:, 



Dear people,


A lot of people work with (guardian) Angels and with Guides, but you can also work with Animal Totems. While most people who are attracted to Animal Totems practice some form of Shamanism or are connected to Native Tribes, not all people would consider themselves part of that tradition. Some just feel connected to nature or natural energy, find a totem while meditating or keep feeling attracted to Animal Totems. So let's talk today about what they are.

Animal Totem vs Animal


While an animal can guide and give wisdom, because who hasn't been taught a lesson by their pet or even just a wild animal, Animal Totems are different. Energetically speaking, you can connect to their energy and really feel a wise and different energy greet you. Animal Totems are beyond the animal itself, as they contain wisdom and intelligence, but also lessons mirrored with the actual animal. 


Animal Totem vs other guiding energies


I think like calls to like, so if you are attracted to Animal Totems, I'd advise you to welcome their guidance. Compared to other guiding energies, I find Animal Totems to have more lessons that mirror nature: there is no good or bad, just different ways of being. All emotions are contained in nature, as she can bring peace, but also show anger. There is more understanding of natural cycles compared to other guiding energies.


While Guides or Ancestors might be focused on things more in the human world and Angels might bring more grace and protection, Animal Totems help you understand yourself and your place in the world. If you want to read more about different guiding energies, check out this blog post.


Connecting to Animal Totems


There are many ways to connect to Animal Totems. You can draw cards (Animal Card Oracles), meditate, connect to the animal and through them to the Animal Totem or even do any type of shamanic ritual or exercise like soul journey's or visiting different planes. 


The easiest is to connect through the animal. If you keep seeing a certain animal (in the flesh or in images, movies or in other ways) welcome them into your life. Ask that you might understand what it is that they are telling you can simply listen or watch the animal. Googling on the name of an Animal Totem will also bring you common lessons and information.


Deeper work with Animal Totems


If you want to you can work deeper with Animal Totems by connecting with them daily, inviting them into your life and listening to their advice. Every single encounter will help you build a stronger connection and allow you to connect with more ease. You can choose to ask for advice for your life, but also for help with a certain project or goal.


Do you want to share your experiences with Animal Totems? You can email me, post a comment on the blog or send me a message on the Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram.

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