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Questions from the practice: Did you ever use your gifts to find missing items?

By  Rianne Collignon     July 08, 2022    Labels:,, 


Dear People,


Recently I got asked again if I could help find a missing item. It's not a service I offer, so it's not on the website, but since this sometimes come up and sadly, we all lose items, I decided to write about it today. I reckon we all lost things we care about for a little while or maybe even permanently and wouldn't it be nice to know where those items are?


How I find items most of the time


For me personally, if I can't find something, I first try to find things the usual way. I look around to see if I can find it. If that's unsuccessful I go through my memory and try to recreate the situation or the whole day to see where I would have put something. Often I find my keys dropped behind something or notice that I left them in a jacket pocket. 


I once also found my husbands iPad by just going through the motions of how he thinks and behaves. It was in between the mattresses of our bed. He normally leaves it on the floor, but since he did some vacuum cleaning he decided to put it up. He was also going to change the sheets, so on top didn't make sense and he placed it in between. For him, me finding it, after he looked on his desks, in his bags and throughout the house was like magic. For me it made perfect sense. 

Using my Psychic Gifts to find items for myself


So if I can't seem to find my item I usually try to use a pendulum. It can swing towards the item you are looking for and I can ask it yes/no questions to see where something is. However, it's very easy to influence your pendulum when you are anxious or upset, so using it to find items isn't always my forte. 

I once lost my own pendulum after giving a Pendulum Workshop. So I then used my keys to try to find it. It kept saying it was in the hallway and specifically in my bag. I had looked everywhere in it (I thought) so I was so upset that I just couldn't find it. In the end I gave up on finding it and a sweet client gifted me with a new one later on. 

A few months later I was using the exact same backpack and realized it had a small pocket in the front. A pocket I normally never use (as it's easily accessible for thieves). I opened that tiny pocket and found my pendulum! So yeah, my gifts had been telling me all along it was in that bag in the hallway, but I still hadn't found it!

Using my Psychic Gifts to find items for others


Once somebody asked the whole forum of Tarot Readers if they could help her find her camera. Everybody got different cards of course, because God will show you what you need to hear, in it's own voice for you. A lot of people hoped to see similarities in the answers, so that it would be easier to pinpoint the camera.


I don't remember what card I got exactly, but I told her I thought it was in her bathroom, seeing a shower and some other things and probably in a laundry basket if she had one. I could just see things on top of it, so it wasn't easily visible. It was definitely a super strange place for a camera to end up, especially because she feared it got lost either in her car or at another location. Imagine her surprise when she told me 1) I definitely described her bathroom and 2) she found it in between her clothing in her laundry basket! 


The Tarot Readers felt I didn't exactly use the Tarot Card to find it though, especially as with my gifts it sounded more like remote viewing, finding something based on my impressions of somebodies home and not the keywords from cards. That's fair, because while I use the cards as a tool, my own gifts give more information then just the card. 

A client once asked me if I could help her find a little box with jewelry that she had misplaced. She had looked everywhere but hadn't found it and was really desperate. It was lost for years and while she was always hoping it would turn up, she decided to ask if I could look for it. I used my gifts and got a few impressions that I sent to her. She was very happy to report that she found it based on my descriptions.

While I wish I only had success stories, I also have had impressions that weren't clear enough to solve the case, although the items were found afterwards. In hindsight it made sense based on my description, but in the moment it didn't give enough information to find it. I also noticed in some cases that items were really lost/outside the home and didn't get enough information to figure out where.

It's though to use my gifts to find items, especially since I often do it without ever setting foot in somebodies home. Since I can't guarantee a good success rate and it's very time intensive I chose not to offer any services like this professionally. 

Do you have a funny story of finding items with your gifts or have a question you want to ask me for the blog? Don't hesitate to leave a comment, ask me in the practice, through DM on Instagram or Facebook or e-mail me.

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