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Thoughts on Healing: Cord Cutting

By  Rianne Collignon     December 28, 2023    Labels:,,, 



Dear people,

I already wrote a bit about Bonds and Cord Cutting in an earlier blog post and there is an Instagram Live Session about Energetic Bonds & Cord Cutting, but I've noticed quite a bit of trouble in people's lives recently when bonds weren't cut appropriately. So that's why I'm writing a new blog post today including some exercises to help you evaluate and cut cords of unhealthy bonds.


What is the difference between a bond and a wound


Sometimes part of us stays connected to something or someone who is no longer in our lives. The difference between a bond and wound, is that the bond will allow energy to go back and forth. This is noticeable for people who are very energy sensitive, but not everybody notices it. Energetically speaking, an unhealthy bond can drain your energy even when you are unaware of this or are no longer in contact. A wound usually causes problems when it's pressed, but not during other times.

So for example, if you have a wound because an ex partner cheated on you, it's likely you will feel this pain if it's still unhealed, if hear about cheating, if you are in a situation that reminds you of the cheating, if a new partner shows behavior that reminds you of cheating. 

If you still a bond with your ex-partner, even if you are no contact/not speaking, you might notice you wonder about your ex and their life, you might still feel invested in health or happiness or the opposite feel like you still want them to suffer and you sometimes feel like you want to reconnect or want to check out their social media etc. You might have dreams about your ex or even get intuitive insights about them. 


Why we should practice Cord Cutting


When a relationship is healthy and your bond is healthy, it's wonderful to feel energetically in tune with your partner, your friends and family etc. But when we need to let go and move on, keeping this kind of bond is painful and detrimental to our well being. Energy keeps flowing into something that is no longer good for us. 

Letting go can be very hard for us, especially when part of us still yearns for the past. It doesn't matter if that's a past lover, a past job, a restaurant we used to love... that yearning keeps the bond alive. We keep investing energetically into something that is gone. Once that cord is cut, we will feel happier and healthier and are able to connect to the new things, people and situations that are right for us. 

Sometimes I recommend cord cutting for bonds that are still active. For example: if somebody is looking for a new job, but is still very connected and loyal to their old job. Cutting the cord will help return the energy towards the job search instead of the old job. And other example is cutting part of an unhealthy cord, like cutting being a helicopter parent, helps restore balance in the bond between parent and child. So if you feel like have taken on too much responsibility or are acting too dependent on someone, cutting that unhealthy bit will be extremely beneficial. 

Cord Cutting options

There are many different ways you can practice cord cutting. It all depends on what you are most comfortable with. You can also practice multiple ways if you feel the cord is reattaching or you haven't been able to clear it out completely.


  • Cutting the cord by Visualization or Meditation
  • Cutting the cord by intention
  • Writing a letter and burning it
  • Using crystals to cut the cord
  • Asking your Guides/Angels etc. to cut the cord for you
  • Asking Heaven/The Universe/God to cut the cord for you


Cord Cutting Visualization

  • Take around 5-10 minutes for this exercise
  • Make sure you are comfortable and can't be disturbed by your phone etc.
  • Imagine a cord running from you towards the other person or thing
  • See the energy running through it and see where this cord connects to you (for example: from your heart, head, groin etc.)
  • Imagine your energy returning to you and no longer running throughout this cord
  • Gently knot the cord on your end - so the energy from the other person or thing can't reach you anymore
  • Cleanse the cord with golden light
  • Imagine the cleansed cord growing grey and wrinkled
  • Cut the cord just after the knot
  • Absorb the last piece of the cord into your own energy body
  • Gently open your eyes, drink a bit of water and do some grounding


Want to know more about Energetic Bonds and do some cord cutting with me? Check out my Instagram Live: Energetic Bonds & Cord Cutting.


Do you want to share your experience with cord cutting or get some advice on this technique? You can email me, post a comment here on the blog or send me a message on the Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram.

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