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Thoughts on Healing: Spiritual Storytelling

By  Rianne Collignon     April 06, 2023    Labels:, 


Dear people,


I've used Spiritual Storytelling for years. I've always been a storyteller, so a lot of people have heard me tell teaching stories, share anecdotes or memories. Often, they have found value or understanding in what I've told them. We all want to feel understood and like we aren't alone. These blog posts are stories too of course, often filled with exercises and useful information. When you receive the Healing Story at the send of healing session with me, that's also an example of Spiritual Storytelling. Today I want to give you some tips on how you can use Spiritual Storytelling in your own life.


Stories we tell ourselves


Every day we tell ourselves and others stories. Most of those tend to be negative if we aren't walking a positive spiritual path. We exclaim: "I"m always late" or "I always make this mistake". We tell others we are "unlucky in love" or "always have crap bosses". Once you pay attention, you notice how often you are creating stories in your daily life. Mindfulness helps you recognize if the stories you tell are mostly negative.  


If you are able to tell mostly positive stories about yourself, you can harness the power of those stories to build more positivity. That doesn't mean you should lie about things! I will give you a few tips on how to create positive stories.


Tip 1: Creating Positive Endings


We can tell positive stories about hardship, even if things aren't going our way yet. You can talk about a devastating divorce for example but still end your story with: "Even though the divorce was hard, I believe it's for the best and I will find a more suitable partner who will bring more love and happiness in my life". 


Creating a positive ending means others will understand that you are open to love and not bitter, it reminds you ever time you tell it, that you can have hope and faith. Telling positive stories becomes easier the more we see the support available to us and the more we trust that we are loved and cherished by Higher Power.


Once your positive ending has come to pass, you will notice that whole story changes. You might tell people: "Yeah, I got a divorce, but that allowed me to meet my current partner which has been a great blessing." As more time passes and we are positive about our current lives, the negative stories shrink and lose their hold. 


Tip 2: Healing a painful story


We all hold negative beliefs about ourselves or about what we deserve, as we are human and sometimes we stay stuck in pain. Often those beliefs are stuck in stories. We believe we always get horrible bosses, because we have several stories about it. Every time we tell those stories, we reinforce our own beliefs that we don't deserve a great supportive boss.


So when we choose to heal an old painful story, we can create new better one. It usually starts by forgiving everybody in your story, asking what the true purpose of that situation was and remembering that you deserve better. 


In case of the bosses, you might acknowledge that you have no idea what was going on in their lives, that caused them to lash out. Check your own accountability: what did you do wrong. Ask why you have been in that situation and then reword your story. You might say: "I haven't been lucky with my bosses in the past, but I'm willing to find a great boss. I know I deserve to be supported and listened to and appreciated. I'm excited to find a new position where this is true". 


Tip 3: Creating a story for your goals/future


Often when people talk to me about their goals, they sound hesitant and a little unsure. That's quite normal when we want to try something new. Even so, it can be incredibly healing and positive to create a story for your goals or future. 


Once you invest in positive language and share that with others, you will notice a stronger and more positive flow of energy for yourself. You might inspire others to join in or offer you tips or help along your journey. 


I have spoken more about this technique in an Instagram Live session, but also in Dutch in my column on the radio. If you don't want to miss future Instagram Live Sessions or my Dutch Column, follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my YouTube Channel


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