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Joys of a Psychic Life: Psychic Dreaming

By  Rianne Collignon     March 27, 2023    Labels: 


Dear People,

I often get great results from my dreams and I even wrote about Dream Work before, so you can learn to also use your dreams with spiritual techniques. Today I'm writing about some experiences in which I have had myself. I love that my dreams are meaningful and help guide my life.

Straight Forward Dream Guidance

The easiest guidance dreams are just 100% clear and uncomplicated. I remember once dreaming that one of my guides came to tell me that I had an infection. Apparently, I hadn't noticed the signals of my body due to stress and a lot of normal day to day stuff. So the next day when I woke up, I scheduled a doctors visit, had it confirmed, got antibiotics and felt a lot better. 

I don't know many people who have had dreams as straight forward as that. But I have had many. It makes it super simple to take positive and healthy steps in your life.

Past Life Dream Guidance

It took a long time for me to accept that Past Lives are a thing. It didn't really feature in my world view, but the reason I had to admit to it eventually, were mostly due to my past life dreams. I've had many in which I've been able to understand things in my current life. 

I would dream about me as a man, about different time periods and about meeting people who I know in this life, only they were different. In the beginning I would call them movie dreams, because it was like watching a movie, but still being invested in the main character, who somehow, felt like me. 

Sometimes they weren't that happy,  like the dream were I got stabbed. I woke up with a start and did ache for at least half an hour. Mostly though it would be day to day things and recognizing were some of my skills and talents have come from. It helped me feel more at peace with many things in my life. 

Prophetic Dreams

I had a lot of dreams 'come true' and they come in several flavors. Sometimes it's a bit metaphorical. I remember dreaming a Tarot Deck was floating towards me across the ocean and hearing the next day I won a contest and the deck would be shipped from the USA towards me in the Netherlands. 

Other times it's very literal and what I dream comes to pass almost 100% like my dream. Usually these are warning dreams of people passing away, so I have some time to come to terms with things, but sometimes they are happy dreams about things that will come to pass.

Healing Dreams 

I always have dreams where my guides or Angels come to help me heal. Sometimes they give me advice. Sometimes I dream that they do something energetically for me. Once in a dream they rubbed an egg all over my body and then afterwards they cracked it. I thought it was a very weird dream, until somebody told me that this kind of healing actually is done. Shamanic Egg Healing exists in our world. 

I love having healing dreams and finding blockages or problems removed while I'm asleep. It's relaxing but super effective. 

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