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Questions from the practice: What can I do to improve my results?

By  Rianne Collignon     December 22, 2022    Labels:, 

Dear People,


Recently a new client asked if there was something that could be done to improve results before his session. A lot of my work focuses on improve results during the session and after the session, so today, let's talk about how you can use every step in the process to improve your results.


Before the intake


Usually people will send me an e-mail or call me to ask me about my services. Having a clear idea of what problem you want solved or what your goal is for a session really helps. You don't need to know why you have a certain problem or how to solve it, but if you can clearly define your problem or goal, it's easier for me to use my gifts to see what's needed. If you have trouble doing so, we can usually define it during the intake, but taking a bit of time to do so yourself definitely speeds up the process.

During the intake


During the intake we discuss what you want and what I have noticed in your energy field and other information I got from my gifts. Often people feel understood or get new information from me that already gets the energy flowing. Some people get more frustrated, while others get more at peace knowing help is around the corner. I've had multiple people tell me that they started to get results after the intake already!


Being able to answer questions and openly discussing your wants and needs really helps us find out if we can work well together and what is needed for you and your next level of healing. Intakes can be painful because we only discuss what's going wrong in your life, so make sure you are gentle with yourself.


Between the intake and the preparation phase


Sometimes our discussions from the intake have sparked some more insight in what you want or you might notice a few days later that you've forgotten to tell me something. Definitely take the time to send me a message to let me know. 


Often people don't want to bother me, but if you tell me new information or want more things at the start of your session, it's much harder for me to incorporate it in the session itself. If I receive information before I prepare your session, I can make the time to listen to guidance or check blockages for you. So just let me know at least 24 hours before your session.


During the session


There are some things you can do to have the healing energy in the session as focused as possible. Ask for breaks if you need to sit down, need a drink or need the bathroom. Being uncomfortable during a healing session is counter productive. 


Try to keep an open mind during the healing and just tune in as much as possible into what you feel or notice without letting your own judgements stop you. Trying is what is important, so if I notice you ignore your own inner voice, I will of course guide you towards the best healing flow. Don't get stuck in your own head, but just allow the flow to carry you.


Most of the time, during the session, all you need to do is just allow the healing energy to do it's work and follow my instructions. Sometimes clients are only willing to 'do this step' because I'm asking and while that still gives results (as I have your permission), it's more helpful if you are willing to help yourself and open up to miracles. So if it's possible for you to set aside your rational mind and just trust, have faith or allow yourself to receive this will definitely give better results.


Rarely people aren't willing to take a healing step and decide to start a discussion with me on why it won't work. Or they decide to dig in their heels and just tell me that it's useless. This is very human, but of course not the most effective way of healing. Sometimes I have time to convince people to at least just give it a try, but sometimes I will also notice that you aren't ready yet to heal on that level and it should be shelved for another time.


Directly after the session


Really take some time to yourself. You might feel energized from the healing energy, but you want it focused on you and not spread out towards other people, other goals or other problems. If you feel tired from the process, taking a break or a nap will help the energy to work on what's needed instead of trying to help you stay energized. 


Aftercare: first 6 weeks after your session


While I have aftercare at 3 and 6 weeks, if you notice sudden negative experiences or a lack of healing flow, it helps if I know that as soon as possible. I can then check what happened and if this is something unrelated (family member gets ill), unconscious sabotage (you are afraid of the new level) or if the healing went to a different direction. Definitely get in touch with me if you feel like you aren't get the expected results that we discussed in your intake and that are in the email I sent you before your session.


It's much easier to redirect the healing flow or boost it while it's still available. The less flow is available, the more work it is for me to get it back up to were it needs to be and it will of course take longer to get results. Sometimes the aftercare just shows that we need to be more patient, because the energy is still flowing fine. In that case, we can add in an extra aftercare after the 6 week point to keep in touch and see how things are after a bit more time has passed. 

I'm always disappointed if my aftercare emails go unanswered and people get back to me after the aftercare window has passed saying that they didn't get the results they hoped for. Aftercare is there to give you the best results, to be able to give tweaks when needed or give you some homework to get your results. It's true that the bulk of the healing happens in the session, but if aftercare was unnecessary I wouldn't offer it.


While I sympathize with people who didn't respond to my aftercare requests, I do not offer additional free work after the aftercare window has closed. Getting a healing flow running again is difficult work and the more time has passed the harder it is. If during earlier contact within the aftercare window we agreed to prolong the aftercare, that if course means you will receive more help free of charge.


Have a question for me? Don't hesitate to leave a comment, ask me in the practice, through DM on Instagram or Facebook or e-mail me.

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