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Thoughts on Healing: Centering

By  Rianne Collignon     August 16, 2022    Labels:,, 



Dear people,


I've already wrote about grounding and cleansing, both very basic but important healing tools when you feel something is amiss in your energy flow, energy body or life. Grounding helps you stay connected to your body and the now and doing it regularly helps you stay vibrant and alive. Cleansing helps release old energy and outside influences, so doing that regularly means that you can easily process what happens to you. Another very important tool is centering, which is the art of being fully within yourself. 

When do you need centering?


We all have things that can knock us off center: negative things like loss, trauma or burnout, but positive emotional events like promotion, weddings, pregnancy also count. Sometimes our lives change drastically and we feel like we don't know who we are anymore. This is when we desperately need centering. When we are off center we often feel increased stress, despair or anxious feelings and can create negative outcomes due to bad decision making. A decision based on fear, even when getting great results, always feels off. 

Rarely, we can drift off center, due to being very busy with others or having very little free time. Bit by bit we forget who we are, lose hobbies, our values and of course connection with ourselves. Sometimes people find this out after the end of relationship or during a holiday when they finally have time to reflect. This kind of drift can have serious negative consequences, because once we are centered again, a lot of our life will feel like it no longer fits. 


If you don't center yourself, you could experience illness to help you recenter, because once we can't be busy with our day to day and are stuck in bed, we have to spend the time to rest and reflect.  

I recommend you regularly center yourself to make sure you aren't experiencing drift and are able to deal with the up and downs of life. I usually center every week, unless there are massive changes or I'm in a very emotional situation, in which case I will do it more often. 

How do you center yourself?


There are many different ways in which we can center ourselves. Some are personal, they remind you of your own center, while others are common tips that help you find space, time and reflection. Depending on what knocked you out of your center, some centering tools are more appropriate then others. 


To give you a good idea on what can help, I've split different centering tools based on what caused the situation of being off center, but for the best results, just check what calls out to you. Often, we are subconsciously looking to center ourselves.


Centering tools after drifting


If you are off center due to drift, so you feel like your life doesn't fit, feel unfilled or struggle with meaninglessness, here are some good tools:



Centering tools after drastic changes


If you feel off center due to drastic changes in your life, it matters of course if those are positive or negative, but most tools that help release or process emotions will help regardless of what those emotions are. So here are some good tools after drastic changes:


  • Any type of emotional expression (writing a letter, talking with friends, creative pursuits etc.)
  • Any type of emotional processing (EFT, cleansing in combination with other exercises etc.) 
  • Anything that increases Positive Flow (Affirmations, Creating Joy Videos etc.)
  • Reconnecting with your body (exercise, yoga, hand on stomach/heart)
  • Reconnecting with a positive habit/ritual
  • Taking the time to rest 
  • Taking the time to reflect (see tools above)


Personal centering tools


Depending on who you are and what you need, you might find yourself centered in different ways. Sometimes I ask people to imagine what their place of Power looks like, their own Inner Strength. For some people it's a mountain, while others see a meadow or an object or color. Often, those are places or activities, that help us center. While it's not always possible to go to the mountains or do an activity,  you can watch movies, look at photos or bring an object to get in touch with that energy. 


For some people being alone might help you center, because you are away from people and can focus on yourself. While other people feel centered around friends, family or loved ones, because those people remind them who they are and surround them with love. 


Spending some time to get to know your own centering activities/places or objects is really useful. I highly recommend finding and creating your own centering rituals or tools.


Do you want to share your experiences with centering? You can email me, post a comment on the blog or send me a message on the Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram.

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