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Thoughts on Healing: Moon Phases

By  Rianne Collignon     April 14, 2022    Labels:, 



Dear people,

Moon Energy is lovely and working with the Moon Phases can help you heal or manifest quicker. Today I'm writing some short thoughts on each of the phases and Moon Energy in general. If you love this topic, leave me a comment, so I can take some time to write more about it soon. You can see how happy Moon Energy makes me in the new Joy with Moon Phases Video which will be online this Friday.


Moon Energy in general

The Moon and it's energy has fascinated humans for centuries. Many cultures have had Moon Goddesses and discovered the influence of the moon on the tides of our beautiful oceans. Personally, for me, Moon Energy is silvery, quick to changes, very emotional, deep and mysterious. 


I prefer to use Moon Energy on topics of intuition, feminine energy or feminine health concerns, transformation and change and emotions. However, you can use Moon Energy for all topics that suit you as long as you are in tune with what is going on.


The Moon waxes and wanes according to it's cycle and keeping that in mind will help with what you are doing. If the Moon is waxing or growing, it can help you with what you want to gain or manifest in your life. The growth of the Moon can help improve the growth of your project or your health. If you want to grow more hair, have more energy or gain more wealth, the waxing moon will help you out.

If the Moon is waning, or reducing, it helps towards whatever you want to reduce in your life. It's the time to lose weight, remove addictive behavior, cleanse or detoxify and clean up your house. If any of your manifesting goals have to do with reduction, now is the time to manifest.


Names of the Moon phases

Some people use the 4 Moon Phases: New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter/Last Quarter, but using 8 is more usual for spiritual purposes:

  • New moon.
  • Waxing Crescent.
  • First quarter.
  • Waxing Gibbous.
  • Full moon.
  • Waning Gibbous.
  • Last (third) quarter moon.
  • Waning Crescent


Each of those phases have specific energy and specific purposes to work with. I always keep a Moon phases schedule in my journal and if you want to work with the Moon phases I highly encourage you to do so as well. It helps to discover patterns of how you respond to Moon Energy. You might notice that you have a few sleepless nights around Full Moon or are sensitive to nightmares around New Moon. 


Each of the Moon phases explained 


New Moon 

A great time for new beginnings and undertakings, the moon phase that helps to detoxify the most and allows us to start with small seeds of change. Hardest to work with if you never done any Moon Energy work, as this dark Moon is not always as easy to access for people. It can bring up subconscious pain and upset to cleanse towards a new cycle.

Waxing Crescent

First steps into growing, a good time to spend spiritual energy with area's of your life which are in need of some energy, but where you see some small results already. It's a good time for small ailments or small increments in health that you want to work on.

First quarter

The first leg has been finished towards the Full Moon. This is a great half way point in energy to help you assess where you are going with your goals. First Quarter Moon helps with projects that are underway or health issues which have been healing, but need some more time or more focus.

Waxing Gibbous

Almost Full Moon, the time for when you want to do manifestation or healing work, but need the time and space to be more gentle then the full Moon. If you are inexperienced with Moon Energy it's a great second phase to work with on any topic that needs 'more'. If you feel Full Moon is too heavy, you can also do path finding here if it's for topics about your future.

Full Moon
The most famous phase, excellent to start working with Moon Energy as it's so strong. Wonderful for manifestation and intuitive work. Path finding or subconscious knowledge. Allow the Full Moon to lead the way. Be mindful that emotions can be a little high at this time, so strong reactions can occur. 

Waning Gibbous

Just past Full Moon, is a great time for the release of anything that you feel is "over the hill". Old partners, patterns or outdated thoughts and beliefs become easier to shake. Any type of recent emotional turmoil or upset is easier to smooth over. If you feel Full Moon is too heavy, you can also do path finding here if it's for topics from your past.


Last (third) quarter Moon
The halfway point towards the New Moon. A great area time to reflect on what you have been growing and if that's what you actually want. Last Quarter Moon is a great time for reflecting and getting to know yourself and your path. 

Waning Crescent

The last steps before a New Moon, is an excellent time to tie any loose ends and to see what needs to be made ready for the new. Clean up in your life or administration goes smoother and it helps with grieving and letting go. 


Want to talk more about the Moon Phases? You can email me, post a comment on the blog or send me a message on the Facebook Fan Page or on Instagram. I'd love to hear your Moon Energy stories!

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