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Questions from the Practice: How does your social circle feel about your gifts?

By  Rianne Collignon     March 03, 2022    Labels:, 

Dear People,

Often I get asked how people in my private life feel about my gifts and if they believe in the work I do. I think it's a valid question but it doesn't have a very easy answer, as each of my family members, extended family members and friends have a different view and I tend not to discuss 'work' often. I think all of you can imagine that talking shop is tiring when you are in social situations. I also highly treasure privacy for my clients. However, there are some common denominators, so I will discuss this in broad strokes.

My Healing Gifts
Not everybody in my private life is open to receiving Healing, but most are willing to experience it through massage. Some people have worked with me and EFT and a select few have received energy therapy/True Unity from me. I have no objection to working with family members or friends, although I sometimes will suggest other types of healing if I believe those to be more effective for them.

Healing is deeply personal so I think it's more difficult for them then it's for me. They sometimes will find out that I know and see a lot more of their intimate or private lives then I ever let on. One family member in particular was a bit shocked with how much information I receive but never pass on, when I was asked to do some Healing work. Sometimes people will feel burdened asking me for a favor as they don't want me to work in social settings, others have no problems asking for a massage or energy therapy when they are hurting. I love to do Healing Work, but I also love to socialize. I'm always happy to help if I can in the moment or else plan a session with them at a later date.

My Psychic Gifts
I don't think anybody in my life has any doubt as to what I can do. Some will call it luck or good analysis when they are uncomfortable with Psychic or vibes, but it will come as no surprise that nobody in my private life is willing to bet against me. I find that quite disappointing, as I like to win bets. They know, even when they don't want to acknowledge where the knowledge comes from, that my advice is solid and my insights are worthwhile.

One time a friend told me he actually despises that he knows I'm Psychic. He knew that there is no way that he can explain why I know what I know or how it works. He felt that was really annoying and not fitting with his world view. He used to think that Psychics just do cold readings or are frauds, but he also knew that I could do Readings without ever even meeting a person (so cold reading is out) and that the information I give is specific and accurate, so it can't be fraud. He was annoyed enough to tell me that I mess with his head. Of course, this was never my intention, I just am who I am. I didn't get an instruction manual when I was born. I just do what I do.

I also have people in my private life who find it quite annoying that I'm 'always right'. While I always say that nobody has 100% accuracy and I don't claim it, they will insist that I'm always right. They ask for advice or my opinion, they try to dismiss it as unlikely or strange and then life unfolds like I said it would. Then they feel very annoyed. This is baffling to me, as I'd love to have somebody in my life giving me solid advice. However, my husband says he completely understands, because I'm always right and that's annoying in itself. I'm hoping some day I will understand.

I also sometimes get complaints that when people talk to me and I say something they never know if it's a stray thought, an idea or a prediction.  One of my friends especially says how he keeps rerunning some of our conversations in his head or feels like he missed something important when something I mentioned comes to pass. I'm always 'on', but not everything I say is a prediction. I usually don't think to make a distinction myself.

So, does that mean that nobody in my private life is appreciative of this part of my gift? Well, no, many people are, just not as appreciative as clients. The difference is, that as my client, you are often ready and willing to listen to advice and gain extra knowledge, while in our private lives sometimes we aren't ready. We ask for advice from friends and then get mad when it's not what we want to hear. In the end, they are usually appreciative and they continue to ask for advice, because they know it's solid. I just wish I would get more gratitude and less frustration. I guess I do often find myself thinking: "Don't shoot the messenger".

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