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Healing Thoughts - Family Patterns Examination

By  Rianne Collignon     October 03, 2019    Labels:,,, 

Dear People,

Often we find ourselves struggling with difficult patterns that we can also see repeated in our own family. We might even reinforce them by saying: "Oh, we are all "insert problematic behavior", which means that it becomes even harder to free ourselves. Family wounds can travel throughout generations, in changes of behavior, outlook, thought patterns and health issues. We can however, become trailblazers and free ourselves and our family. We can say: "It stops here" and not burden ourselves and younger generations with old pain, heartbreak or traps.

Remember that often, unhealthy family patterns have two unbalanced sides. So when there is a family pattern around sex, some family members have too much of it/history of assaults while others have too little. When there is an unhealthy pattern around money, some people are spending recklessly while others are super stingy. It's rare to see a balanced pattern, because we feel deep loyalty sometimes to continue the pattern.

Time to free your family and yourself with this excellent exercise.

Family Freedom Exercise
Take around 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time to do this exercise. All you need is pen and paper, but a set of cards with positive gifts can also help.
Question 1: Which family pattern do you see?
Could be anything that you want to work on, ranging from health issues, to issues around relationships, money, assertiveness etc.
Question 2a: What is the first unbalanced side
What has made you believe that this is a problem, what type of hurt, wounds or pain do you see surrounding this pattern.

Question 2b: What is the second unbalanced side 
What is the second unbalanced side, that moves in the direct opposite of what is going on, but is still problematic.
Question 3a: Who in the living family has it/which side or both of it?
This helps you check how many generations are burdened by this and if it's your mothers side of the family, your fathers side of the family or both.

Question 3b: How many generations has this been going on?
You might know through stories of your grandparents or other family how long this pattern has been going on. If you don't know, you can ask intuitively. Don't be surprised if you reach high numbers like 5-6 generations back or even longer.

Question 4: What is the balanced pattern?
Since you know both sides of the extreme, it's important to recognize what the balanced healthy way would be. You might recognize it in others around you, who don't have this family pattern or you might ask intuitively what is the right and healthy way.

Question 5: What times/moments  has this pattern harmed you, that you need to let go of
Since this pattern has been active in your life, you might remember several examples that you have felt the harm. I recommend you write down a short summary or create just the title for the moments that have been meaningful.

Healing the first break
Intuitively ask what happened at the first ancestor who has brought this pattern into being. Was it a man or a woman? What was going on there, what heart break or pain occurred that they moved into this unhealthy pattern? What was the actual lesson and what is the gift?

Embrace the gift and surround your ancestor with love. You can ask for help from your guides, heaven or other spiritual helpers to achieve this.

Healing the family
Instead of the wound, imagine the gift moving from your ancestor throughout your family, going down generations, but also sideways (so also uncles/aunts/cousins etc), receiving this blessing, until it reaches you. Have it passed down from your conception all the way through your current age and see how it heals the moments that you have described in question 5. Pass it on to next generations if those are existing.

Creating the right narrative
Now that this pattern is healed, create a small story of 2-3 lines that affirms that you are now a family of "insert healthy behavior". You will be surprised to see that lives will start shifting around you, as well as your own.

Want to talk to me about family patterns or want a little help to heal your family? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your stories or questions in the practice, by e-mail or publicly online.

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