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Thoughts on Healing: Letting Go Techniques

By  Rianne Collignon     September 13, 2019    Labels:, 
Dear People,

Letting go continues to be a big topic in my own life, but also in the life of clients. Often they come to me because they are stuck in a rut, stuck in old pain or stuck in other ways. Letting go is supposed to be the most natural thing. Moving forward into your journey, you can't hold on to everything. And when your hands are full with the old, you can't accept the new.

Even so, it's often a struggle for people to let go and moving forward from the ways of the old, towards the new beginning is a natural process that sometimes needs an easier transition. So I'm writing down some exercises to make it easier for people to let go.

Letting go of old items
When we keep the old in our lives, our houses, cars and workplaces will overflow with things. A cluttered life drags us down, but even so, it can be really hard to let go of things. I prefer to ask myself the following three questions about letting go:
  1. Do I need to pass it on towards somebody else who will love it, like I used to love it? (Think selling, gifting or donating it)
  2. Do I need to acknowledge that it's broken, it's service to me has passed and it needs to be released? If so, I usually honor it by speaking gratefully or I sometimes make a photo to commemorate something.
  3. Do I need to be honest that this item, that I bought for a purpose didn't get that purpose realized and that I have changed and grown since then? It's hard to realize that that instrument you bought or that hobby you did isn't something you want to invest time in anymore. It's good to mourn that dream, realize it's no longer yours and move towards selling, gifting or donating it.
Letting go of old bonds
Sometimes people have passed from our lives and yet we still think of them or miss them. It might be impossible to get them back (passed away) or a bad idea (toxic relationships). Often we miss part of them, that beautiful part, that we can't let go. However, the more we hold on, the less likely we are to build fulfilling bonds with others.

A simple exercise to letting go of bonds is the following:
  1. Send gratitude and love towards the other person for being in your life for the time that they were
  2. Acknowledge that letting go is in the best interest of both parties. If you still feel rejection, loss or heartbreak, acknowledge that they have the right to surround themselves with people that they feel right in and that you are not it. Free them to be their best selves, so you can be your best self. Ask for the lesson
  3. Acknowledge the space they leave - a new place is born for somebody else. Even though this lack might feel uncomfortable, in time, a better deeper healthier and lovelier bond will grow
Letting go of old identities
We all pick up identities as we grow through life. Common one's are student, child and work titles, but identities can also be centered around hobby's like soccer player or guitarist. We need to shed these identities sometimes as we naturally transition into someone else. When we don't shed them, we will continue to behave as an old identity or feel trapped within ourselves, instead of free to discover who we are and free to stand in our truth.

We only identify that strongly with something because it has held our love, our energy and our attention. Still, willingly or unwillingly, we move out of identities as well. So it's natural to mourn a little at a transition, while at the same time being excited and happy for the new.

If we didn't transition naturally, you will find that you either hoard old stuff connected to the identity or you hide them all away, because the loss is painful.

A loving exercise to transition into the truth of you is the following:
  1. Acknowledge transitions that you have gone through like child, teenager, adult and how each stage brought you joys and gifts. You might also have transitions like student/worker or single/committed relationship. 
  2. Look gently at the identities that you haven't let go off and that you know you should. Recognize that if you move into the truth, you will receive the joys of the new stage(s). Love yourself where you are at. 
  3. If you feel like it's too sad to acknowledge the transition, ask Heaven, your Guide or Higher Self what the gift is for you. Give it to yourself with love.
  4. Your transition is complete if you can look with love and gratitude upon the old identity and with joy and excitement onto the new (undiscovered) one.
Want to talk to me about transitions or want a little help to move into your truth? Don't hesitate to post it in a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also share your stories or questions in the practice, by e-mail or publicly online.

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