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Questions from the practice: Do you remember me/my session?

By  Rianne Collignon     June 25, 2018    Labels: 

Dear People,

It's June and the practice is now 10 years old. Last month I met up with somebody who told me that when I just started out I transformed her life by saying something to her. She couldn't even remember anymore what it was exactly, but she just wanted to let me know how much it meant to her. This sparked the discussion on how much I remember about past clients and sessions with somebody who watched this exchange.

Do I remember clients/sessions?
The short answer is sometimes. I'm not perfect and while I have a good memory it isn't really for faces or names. I've been working on that, but more for my social life than for remembering clients. Some people I've worked with longer so it's easier to remember them and some just made an impact into my memory due to their questions or situation.

The long answer is: I would like to remember clients, but not all the sessions.

I have trouble remembering clients when I meet them in a group (like the Reading/Healing Evenings or on a fair. I usually see so much people, that it can blur a bit together. I think some clients have heard me tell any group: "While I try to remember you and what the Readings where about, please be mindful that if you would ask me again in a week or 2, I probably won't remember. It's not that I don't care, it's that I give out and receive so much information it's hard to retain which information belongs to whom.

As for sessions, if I would stay connected to every session and reading I did, I'd probably have no peace. I'd wonder about that person who came to ask about their relationship (are they still married?), that decision (did they emigrate?) or that health problem (did they heal?). I try to let sessions go as soon we end sessions together. Sometimes I get closure - and sometimes I don't. I try not to wonder why people sometimes don't come back after cancelling a session or don't want to update me on their life. I know life can get busy and I'm only a small chapter or even a page in their book.

So, in a perfect life, I'd remember you, a short summary of what we did and we'd meet as old acquaintances when we see each other - eager to update each other and then let go again until the universe brings us together again. And you feel welcomed to send me an e-mail, Facebook message or text to let me know something I predicted came true and brought you joy. It brings me a lot of joy to read those, so I'm always happy to hear from clients.

To make that story happen more often, I keep a short summary from people who I've seen in the practice for paid sessions, but this is only something I've been doing systematically since the start of 2018. Before I had a card system, which meant I often didn't update it and didn't really clear it out based on dates. So I am expecting a lot more easier meetings in my future and I like that I have more options on after care. This system helps me to input important dates and sets reminders for when I promised to keep in touch with clients.

Have a question for me? Talk to me in the practice, post a message on the blog or send me an e-mail.

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