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Questions from the practice: Why don't you endorse products?

By  Rianne Collignon     October 11, 2017    Labels:, 

Dear People,

Sometimes people ask me if I'm willing to sell their products. In all honesty, I doubt I'd ever sell third party products in my practice. Not because I don't believe in their value, but because I have several concerns. 

Concern 1: Effectiveness
I prefer to try out any therapy of therapeutic methods on myself and on several other people to test effectiveness. I wouldn't want to recommend or endorse something that doesn't give great results. As such I often have people volunteering for free sessions if I want to try out something new or I choose to bring something to my free Healing or Reading Evening to try it out with a group of people. I will tell them it's a new thing and that I'd love to hear their comments on it.

I often practice things for a longer time period (3-6 months) before I offer it as a paid service. There are some therapies that I find very effective that I choose not to offer, for example because they are very time intensive (4+ hour sessions isn't something I want to offer), energy intensive (it would be costly if I can't work for a full day after a therapy session) or because it's hard to set a set time upon them (which means scheduling the session would be impossible).

With a lot of products, trying for this type of effectiveness can be incredibly costly. I also don't like having a small sample group, because this won't give an honest view. I know that if something works great for me, there are no guarantees that it will work great for others. The other way around counts too: if it doesn't do anything for me, doesn't mean that others won't benefit.

People wanting me to sell their product often wax on the studies they have that show effectiveness or tell me anecdotes of people they helped. That's fine, but I believe in trusting my own experiences. After all, it's my integrity on the line when I choose to endorse, not theirs.

Concern 2: Side effects
I do not hold a degree in or have extensive knowledge of herbs. While I do use such products in my personal life, I use them under the supervision of trained professionals. So if I had an averse reaction, they can help me navigate it.  They also give great advise on how herbal supplements work with existing medication or other health issues.

Often people in my practice have complex issues so a lot of care is needed. I am very uncomfortable with the idea that I would be the one responsible for side-effects or health issues cropping up from products I'm endorsing. I just don't have the knowledge to do so, so my integrity demands that if I feel somebody would benefit of a physical component/product, I refer them to a trained professional.

People wanting me to sell their product often downplay the chances of side effects. They will often tell me there are none or if there are some, they hardly ever happen and/or are very small. Again, it's my integrity there, not theirs, so when I'm not comfortable, I'm not and I won't go against myself.

Concern 3: Reasons to sell
A lot of the time people who approached me to endorse a product, will emphasize how I can earn a lot of money selling this product. They insist it will bring me a nice cash flow and that this wonder product helps everybody.

One of those things I immediately don't believe: no product helps everybody, because we are all different. I can't even help everybody with my gifts, that's why I refer people beforehand or when I see insufficient results.

The second reason, getting a lot of cash, is often doubtful, but even if it was true, I wouldn't want to get rich selling something I don't believe in or trust. I prefer to make my money doing something that's right for me and selling products that I'm comfortable selling (like my own Oracle).

Does that mean you can't ask me to sell your product or you can't tell me about something you are using that if helping you a lot? Of course not, I love to hear about experiences you have. Just because chances that I will use it professionally are low, doesn't mean I wouldn't want to use it personally or aren't interested in learning more about what is available.

Want to ask me a question? Post a comment to the Blog, ask me in the practice or send me an e-mail.

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