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Questions from the practice: What would your blooper reel look like?

By  Rianne Collignon     May 12, 2016    Labels: 
Dear People,

Often I tell people that we are all human and we all make mistakes when I help release blockages. Guilt, frustration and pain can keep us locked in past mistakes and fear and anxiety about future mistakes can paralyse us. So of course it's no wonder that sometimes people ask me about the mistakes I've made and how I felt about them. As a human, it's natural that I do feel frustration with myself, but I also forgive myself as quickly as possible. So here is the blooper reel of mistakes I've made in the practice that are pretty funny in retrospect.

Blooper 1: Sunglasses at night are normal
A lot of people know I have very bad eyesight and my prescription glasses aren't only for correcting seeing well at any distance, but also correct my axis and I have a cylinder in both of the lenses. Bluntly put: I don't see sharp at any distance and almost everybody who looks through my glasses gets dizzy.

So, of course one evening I managed to put on my sunglasses for the bike trip to the practice and forget to bring my sunglasses case, which was holding my normal glasses. I had to do my sessions wearing sunglasses and drive back late at night with them on. I must admit: I did see more then I do without them, but not by much! I can't believe how happy I was I wasn't by car. I guess I would have walked back then.

Blooper 2: That time the intercom went to my phone and I remember I had to start an hour earlier
I asked to have the intercom redirects towards my mobile phone after a few rings as sometimes I'm already moving towards the stairs when a client rings the intercom. Previously my options would be to walk back, pick up the phone and then walk back down or to continue walking back down, rapidly, so the client wouldn't think I wasn't there. So now, I just pick up on mobile and tell you I'm already moving down.

One time a client asked if she could have a session at 7pm, as that would work better with her work schedule. I didn't mind starting earlier just that once, so I put it down in my planner. And promptly forgot about how I had to start earlier when I checked on the date itself. So, imagine my surprise when my mobile phone rings and my client says: "Ok, I'm here" and I had to say: "I'm not, sorry!". I don't think I ever biked as hard in my life. Now, when I work different hours then usual, it's marked in red, with an underline and circle around the time.

Blooper 3: Oh, Blinds work during rain too, right?
The practice is often sunny, so during hot days I usually put the windows open and the sun blinds down. It helps with the heat quite a lot. When clients come in I close the windows and the curtains, so basically, I forget the outside world exists. I can't believe the countless times I've been home and remembered I left the outside sun blinds down and have to return to fix that mistake.

I started writing it down on my writing pad, but even then, I'd still forget them. I don't usually look at it again at the end of a session. So, now I put an alarm in my phone at the end of the last session that tells me to put them up.

I'm sure as time goes by more mistakes will be made and I'd have more funny stories to tell. I'm also quite positive that I've forgotten some I've made. Which I think is a happy occurrence, as when we forgiven mistakes we tend to forget them, unless they are especially funny.
Since I changed places in the building, I no longer have sun blinds, so at least that mistake I can't make anymore.

Don't hesitate to share your mistakes on the Blog, Facebook Fan Page or with me in the practice. I'm sure we'd be able to forgive and release them when we talk about them.

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