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Thoughts on Healing: Measuring Progress

By  Rianne Collignon     February 25, 2016    Labels:, 
Dear People,

We all want to progress in life: to learn, to achieve our goals and to move forward. Today I'm going to talk about some different ways of measuring progress. I don't think I will ever outgrow the need to measure things as I love reflecting and taking stock. It helps to keep me motivated and to see where I need to do more work and to enjoy my results. It's no wonder I was studying to be an engineer!

Progress Measurement: Physical results
Most people measure their progress in this way, so this needs very little explanation. However, while it's the most common way to measure progress I don't always feel that it's the most accurate.

  • When we want to lose weight we check the scale and see how much we weigh.
  • When we want to stop smoking we check if we smoked or not
  • When we want to have a relationship we check how our dates are going 
 When people don't see physical results they often get discouraged. They feel 0 progress has been made, but that's not always the case.

Progress Measurement: Emotional progress
While working towards our goals we often find out that we have emotional blockages that keep us stuck. We might be afraid to move forward, we might find we sabotage ourselves or have past issues need healing. Emotional progress might not immediately give physical results, but it makes sure that changes we make are lasting.

  • We feel excited/happy about changes that we want to make
  • We accept the status quo 
  • We feel strong and energetic enough to make changes
  • We don't feel easily discouraged when a change takes longer or when we have a regression
  • We can celebrate every little breakthrough
Progress Measurement: Mental progress
While working towards our goals we can also have mental blockages that can keep us stuck. We might not see a way out of the situation or worry incessantly about it. We might have trouble getting the information we need, to stick to a certain path or make the behavioral changes that we need. Again, mental progress doesn't immediately give physical result, but it helps make lasting changes.

  • We think about solutions, not problems
  • We can honestly analyze what is going on
  • We feel confident 
  • We are able to brainstorm instead of stress out
Truthful Measuring
I prefer asking myself the following questions:
  • What has changed?
Have I seen changes in myself? Have I seen changes in the world around me? Do I still feel the same about the goal? Did I see things that could help me? Did anybody offer help? Did I receive information.
  • If nothing has changed, why is that?
    Is there something that was more important? Have I invested time/energy into the change I wanted? If not, why not? Am I sabotaging myself or have I chosen other priorities willingly and knowingly?
    • If I would start on my goals today, what would I do?
    When do I want to recheck my progress? What do I want to plan? What do I want to do? What extra actions can I take?

    Have a goal you want to progress on? Comment on the blog or Facebook Fan Page or talk to me!

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