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Thoughts on Healing: Taking the easy road

By  Rianne Collignon     September 23, 2015    Labels:, 
Dear People,

Today I'm writing on the topic that is very hard for a lot of people: taking the easy road. I remember vividly how I always used to choose the hard one. For a long time I felt that taking the hard road with sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears somehow made me superior. However, as people who take the hard road can attest it often doesn't lead to the best results.

Why we should take the easy road
We are often lead towards the easy road, which is the road that is right for us. The road that is right for us naturally becomes easy. We will receive aid (from many different people and from our guides, angels, the universe and God) making progress easily. The right road leaves us feeling fulfilled and happy. That doesn't mean that we don't find challenges on our way or have to confront parts of us that aren't healthy, but when we move forward, we find many rewards without falling into despair, extreme pain or other negative outcomes.

Why we don't take the easy road: Doing it on our own
A lot of times people don't take the easy road, because we feel that we need to do things on our own. This is quite strange, because every day when we wake up, we rely on other people. To make sure we have electricity and water, to make sure that we get paid, to make sure we can buy food. Everybody is interconnected and we all depend on each other. Also, all of us are being aided from the other side, regardless of beliefs. When we ask for help, we receive more, but we are never abandoned.

Yet for some reason, people still think that they need to do things alone. As if somehow, we get a merit badge for going in solo. Newsflash: we don't. Often, tackling things on our own that we could have done easier, more efficiently and healthier with help from other people, just leaves us tired, grumpy and strung out. It takes longer to reach our goals and our rewards and that means we spend more time in a situation that isn't right for us. So, whenever you feel you need to do things on your own, think carefully on if it's ego speaking....

Why we don't take the easy road: Thinking the hard road has more rewards
When I was younger I was quite romantic. I always thought that taking the hard road, salting the earth with my tears and hard work, would somehow give me better results. As if God would look down on me, saw how much I had sacrificed and then would reward me more. Sadly, that never happened. In fact, often, we have less rewards.

If you think back on how you tackled large things on your own, you will find that it's true, as slow progress means less rewards. And why would it be better to work extra hard in the first place? 

Why we don't take the easy road: Thinking we are slacking off
The saying: "Hard work is it's own reward" is insane when you think about it. Smart work has many rewards and has it's own reward too. We only have so much time in a day, so if we only work hard, we have no time to enjoy, relax and balance our lives. A lot of people feel that things can come 'too easy', but when you think about it, what's wrong about it? We get harder things in life quite often without looking for it, so why not easy things as well?

If you don't work hard, but work smart, you will have more rewards and you are definitely not slacking off.

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