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Thoughts on Healing: Rest is a healer

By  Rianne Collignon     September 02, 2015    Labels:,, 
Dear People,

Often, it's hard for us to take a break, sleep enough or rest. I often see people rushing through their lives trying to do too much in just too little time. If we don't rest up, we can burn out, crash or keep feeling down and out for a very long time. So, to make sure your relationship with rest is healthy, do this quick exercise with reflection questions!

Question 1 Sleep:
Do you feel that you sleep enough? Do you feel healthy and rested in the morning? Do you take naps/need naps? Is the quality of your sleep excellent and if not, what can you do to improve it?
If you aren't sleeping enough, what are you doing?

One of the biggest drains in life isn't sleeping enough or sleeping badly. I've seen a lot of people who have late nights and early mornings and it simply doesn't work. There are so many sleep studies showing how effectiveness decreases without adequate sleep. Not everybody needs the same amount, but make sure you get yours almost every night. If your sleep needs are heavy (10+ hours) usually another problem needs to be addressed first.

Question 2: Breaks
How often do you break? Do you spend enough time eating lunch? Do you have small breaks during the day? What do you do in your breaks? Does that truly relax you or do you feel stressed out?

Taking a break is good. To make sure that you stay hydrated, to refresh your mind, to relax a little, to look at your work with fresh eyes etc. etc. Often, people neglect breaks thinking that if they have a lot of work they should keep on working. Studies however say that working in 45 minute chunks is the best for us. Our concentration lags if we try to work longer. So, take a break! Check in with your body, heart and mind so you make the right choices.

Question 3: Resting up after work
Do you take a break in the weekends or do you plan those full with work too? Do you take enough holidays? Do you take time to reflect and evaluate after big projects? Do you sometimes have 'nothing' to do? Do you have enough time that is peaceful, quiet or restful?

We can't live from high stress point to high stress point, yet many of us try. Make sure that you have a time to appreciate what you have done and enjoy a reward, before starting on a new project. If a project runs a few weeks or even months, it's important to take a break before starting another long stretch of work. That time can be used to rest, recharge and revitalize yourself and helps you enter the new project with the right frame of mind.

Work: Planning
If you noticed that your relationship with sleep, rest and relaxation isn't healthy, the biggest ally to solve this is: Planning. Plan times to relax in your daily routine. Plan enough time for sleep and relaxation.

If you feel that you can't seem to stretch your energy for what you need to do in a day, either decrease your workload or increase your energy. Take a good look at what the true problem is: are you expecting too much of yourself or are you too tired and do you need to recharge? Take appropriate measures!

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