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Questions from the practice: Why did you use water for my house cleansing?

By  Rianne Collignon     June 10, 2015    Labels:,, 

Dear People,

Recently somebody asked me about her house cleansing as she saw and heard that a lot of people who do house cleansing use different techniques. She noticed that a lot of people advertise that they work with Sage, which is a wonderful cleansing agent, which is usually burned. So, today I'm talking about the different cleansing agents that I know.

Familiar cleansing tools
As far as I know, everybody who does house cleansing first of all uses intent as a powerful tool to make sure the house is energetically clean. Some people will speak affirmations, some people will pray and some people will have the silent intent as a focus in their minds. This helps remove negative energy quickly.

Then, if there are particular spots that keep feeling troublesome, I usually use my Psychic Gifts to see what type of energy is present and why it's there. Sometimes there are people who are deceased present, sometimes there are confused (or negative) entities and sometimes it's left over energy from traumatic events or disturbances that build up. Depending on what it's there I respectfully ask for help to move them on to the next phase, pass on messages, ask them to appear in different zones or in different ways or ask for help to cleanse the area.

When cleansing, if I want to achieve a clearer feel, I usually use water. I sprinkle it around, allowing it to magnify positivity and clean out what's there. If energy is unusually oppressive or if I feel it's needed I might use incense like sage or other types to cleanse the area or use my singing bowl. Sometimes I ask people to keep the window open for a bit to cleanse with air and to make sure the energy actually exits the house if it can't be easily removed.

Sometimes, after cleansing the feeling of the area has calmed, but doesn't feel sufficiently positive and nice so then I use light or candles for a softer and gentler vibe.

These are my experiences and my techniques and I'm sure other people use different techniques to cleanse and find out what works for them. Personally, I'm not always a fan of using incense, mostly because of the fact that some people are allergic, some people do not like the smell and some people don't want other roommates to know that they had a cleansing done.

Want to share your house cleansing technique ask me questions about my work? Just ask me in the practice, on the blog, Facebook Fan Page or by e-mail.

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