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Joys of a Psychic Life: Connected to a greater source

By  Rianne Collignon     August 08, 2023    Labels: 


Dear People,

One of the most beautiful joys of a Psychic Life is that once you start opening up to your intuition, most of us start feeling trust in a higher source. It might be God, The Universe, Higher Self, Guardian Angels or whatever you are comfortable calling this power. Connecting means you will notice that huge source of love, wisdom and abundance is available to you. It's such a joy to feel that in your life every single day.


Natural connection


You often see the natural connection in children. They believe the world is good. They believe in others and in themselves. I love Pippi Longstockings' motto: 

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” 

Which just highlights how much confidence and trust is available to us when we are open to it. Gradually we throw up blocks like heartbreaks, disappointment, insecurities etc. but once we reconnect to the source again, we feel that boundless support that helps us through life in the best possible ways.


Regaining connection  


Tuning in to your intuition, getting to a higher vibration, meditation, prayer, there are hundreds of paths back to the connection that you can take. But the biggest hurdle is often our own fear of any Greater Power. If you have troubles with that, check out my True Unity Video: Fear of the Spirit World. People are afraid to surrender to something bigger then themselves, afraid of being judged as not good enough, while there is only boundless love waiting. 

Just look around you, most people who are deeply spiritually connected are vibrant, alive, loving, at peace and have qualities that you'd probably love to have. So they aren't lying when they say there is a greater source of love. If you are willing to take the steps in regaining that connection, you can also use my Spiritual Connection Manifesting Meditation

Honoring connection  

Once your connection is growing, it becomes natural to honor it. To feel blessed and grateful for all the blessings coming your way, but also for the support, guidance and wisdom you receive. Whenever we honor what brings us joy, happiness or any other positive, we attract more of it in our lives. 


You can do a ritual to honor the connection, but a simple and heartfelt thank you is fine. Just taking the time and energy is all that is necessary. So let the gratitude in your heart grow and feel how the connection becomes even more filled with light. 

Have a story to share about feeling connected? Post a comment here on the blog, on the Facebook Fan Page, on Instagram or talk to me in the practice.

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Psychic Healer Rianne Collignon writes blog posts to help you achieve your Flow of Miracles. It’s her mission to help people remember their birthright: A happy healthy growing soul. Creating more self awareness, joy and spiritual growth is her passion.

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