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Healing Thoughts: Helping somebody else when you are in trouble

By  Rianne Collignon     November 28, 2019    Labels:, 
Dear people,

When we are struggling in our lives, it's quite easy to become needy and ask for a lot of help from others. Or to sink into despair because you can't seem to find a way out. Strangely enough, if there isn't much you can do for yourself, helping somebody out is a sure way to get in a better mood or even have the situation resolve itself completely.

I know a lot of people are quite surprised by this - but the good energy that gets created when you help out others - always helps out us as well. There are many things we can receive from helping others: satisfaction, feelings of accomplishments, happiness, joy, gratitude, gifts, but also inspiration or help with our own troubles. You might even hear yourself give advice that you need to take as well. Research has shown that altruistic behavior gives significant rewards, so if you feel stuck in your own life, put on your helping boots and you will see changes come to you soon.
We aren't always in the position where we can go and help out, the way we want. Sometimes we have constraints physically, mentally or emotionally, but time or monetary constraints also might mean we can't do all that we want. So that's why I wrote an exercise on how to help energetically, from your own home.

A good thing to remember is that we can always send energetic help. Be mindful about what your own ethical boundaries are. Some people feel free to send all kinds of help or even try to solve the situation, while others just sent light or energy, or ask heavenly helpers to send support.

Exercise: Helping out others energetically
  • Make sure you have around 15-20 minutes undisturbed
  • Take some time to get into a relaxed state of mind.
  • Breathe in and out a couple of times
  • Focus on the person you want to help
  • Visualize the help you are sending or state your intention
  • Allow the help to flow from Heaven towards you and then from you towards the person OR visualize the help flowing directly towards the other person
  • Take some time to get back into your body
  • Eat or drink something or do a grounding exercise

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