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Transformation Plan: The tranquility of summer

By  Rianne Collignon     March 11, 2019    Labels:, 
Dear People,

In 2018 I wrote 7 columns during the year for the Delft op Zondag newspaper to help people create a happier, healthier and more relaxed life by following my transformation plan. I've translated them from Dutch to English with small edits. I'm sharing Column number 3 which was published on July 1st 2018.  

The tranquility of summer

The holiday time is a great time to live at a slower pace. The weather is good, there is more energy and people are therefore happier. Of course, many people want to fill their vacation time with all kinds of new projects or things that they haven’t had time for. Nevertheless, I always recommend people to take that extra rest in the summer, because that is paid triple in being less likely to get ill in autumn and winter.

So if you are always so happy with that holiday feeling, then it is time to create it at home. Give yourself an extra holiday this summer by giving yourself permission to do nothing and focus on enjoying. Talk to a friend, sit in the garden with your favourite book or take a nap.

If you want to experience that peacefulness, then it is time to reduce the tempo. Many people live at a much too high pace, so they overload their bodies and always feel that they are out of time. Summer invites you to have a slower pace, especially with warmth and it’s effects on our bodies, so get a bit slower to work or go for a leisurely walk instead of hurrying. Choose slower food (BBQ) or eat at a later, so you can cook at a more leisurely pace and give yourself more free time.

With that positivity and peace it becomes easier to tackle an irritation point, so choose something that bothers you and that you really want to change. That can be a room that needs to be cleaned up, the kilos that you want to get rid of or for example the relationship that you want to improve. Take a look at other articles on the blog for EFT sentences or affirmations to get started or call to discuss your irritation point and how to tackle it.

Heart and Soul's transformation plan
  • Free up time to enjoy
  • Decrease your pace
  • Tackle an irritation point

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