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Transformation Plan: A new start

By  Rianne Collignon     February 25, 2019    Labels:, 
Dear People,

In 2018 I wrote 7 columns during the year for the Delft op Zondag newspaper to help people create a happier, healthier and more relaxed life by following my transformation plan. I've translated them from Dutch to English with small edits. I'm sharing Column number 1 which was published on April 1st 2018.  

A new start

In the spring time it’s natural that the itch to tackle things starts to bug us. Nowadays it can be tough to find the necessary extra energy to get things done, because of stress, goals and expectations. For many of us, daily life can already feel like a struggle.

The next coming months I will write 7 columns as a step-by-step plan to a happier, more relaxed life, based on my work at Hart en Ziel. During sessions people not only receive knowledge, but I also help permanently change behavior. I remove old emotions, thought patterns and other blockages.

My greatest wisdom to make a great new start is not to start making plans. First you have to create the energy you need. You need to tackling time and energy wasters. Where does time go that you would rather spend differently? Do you sometimes sit behind PC, TV or phone for too long? Do you help others at the expense of yourself? Remove time wasters and you will have enough energy left to start your new life. Permanently low in your energy? Then effectively organizing your day is even more important.

Divide your new project into feasible steps. Your motivation remains high and therefore so does your energy. So don’t start project: weight loss by going to the gym five times, because starting out nobody can keep that up. Start with some information, trial lessons, better food and more sleep and then you will notice that you get used to your new rhythm faster. Increase your gym time step by step.

It makes sense that occasionally things go wrong, so allow yourself your mistakes. Reflect at the end of the day or week where your energy and attention went. If something had higher priority, and you agree with that, please be satisfied with what you have done, even if it wasn’t what you initially wanted. Have you been distracted? Choose to do something about it, forgive yourself and move on.

Heart and Soul's transformation plan
  • Create enough energy by tackling time wasters
  • Make a feasible step-by-step plan
  • Regularly reflect on your goals and adjust your behavior or your goals

Continue on to the next step by reading Column 2.

About Rianne Collignon

Psychic Healer Rianne Collignon writes blog posts to help you achieve your Flow of Miracles. It’s her mission to help people remember their birthright: A happy healthy growing soul. Creating more self awareness, joy and spiritual growth is her passion.

She loves being a teacher and giving clear exercises to help you grow. Besides this blog, she offers a multitude of free tools for spiritual souls on YouTube and Instagram (including Live Sessions).

She has developed her own unique healing technique True Unity to help people find their authentic voice, remove obstacles and step into a new level of healing. You can work with her 1 on 1 by requesting a free intake at https://www.flowofmiracles.com, if you love group work sign up for a workshop/seminar or join the online Circle of Light.

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