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Question from the practice: Why do you have a cancellation policy?

By  Rianne Collignon     May 15, 2018    Labels: 

Dear People,

Today I'm writing a little bit about my cancellation policy. Sometimes we forget an appointment, sometimes life happens and we can't make it. That's understandable, but what's also understandable is that I invest time and energy into holding a spot for a client and doing the preparation work. I often thought on if I wanted to change, but I feel the current set up is fair for everybody involved.

Here is my reasoning:

When I started working I decided that I really would like to prepare my sessions in advance. Almost always the preparation is what the client wants to discuss in the first place - so it gives a lot of trust starting out this way. It fosters an environment of common ground and understanding. It also helps clients who have difficulty putting into words to what is bothering them.

I can't do the preparation work a long time in advance, due to the fact that the energy field fluctuates since life fluctuates. So I do most of this work somewhere within 24 hours before a session. Sometimes that's in the morning for an evening session, sometimes it's after dinner and very rarely it's the evening before. If I have a busy day ahead it just makes sense if I'm at the practice already to do it then, so in particular Friday's sessions are often done Thursday evening.

I have a maximum of the amount of sessions I can do a week - this is to keep myself sane and healthy and to be able to give my best to my clients. Rarely, I work outside my normal business hours, for example if I'm doing house visits, have to visit somebody at the hospital or if somebody has a strange work schedule. When I do, I keep into account that I will have to cut session time from my normal working hours. So when people cancel, that means I immediately have availability for somebody else. If you cancel in advance, no problem, I can contact people and make it work. If nobody can fit the slot, I can take my laptop and work on the administration, the promotion or any of the other things I need to do for my business.

When people cancel too late or not at all, I'm stuck with preparation work that I have to throw out, a slot that I couldn't fill and of course also time that is wasted. If I allow this to continue, that means paying clients are picking up the slack for non-paying clients, which I feel is very unfair.

I'm happy with how I do my work in the practice, so if people do not agree, I counsel them to not book sessions with me.

So the second question often is: How come you don’t know if people need to cancel/ won’t show as a Psychic?

First of all keeping an eye on everybody’s life would be dreadfully time and energy consuming. Secondly it’s rare for me to check into other peoples lives except for preparation for a session or during a session. I would have to check and recheck often, as for some people the reason they aren't able to show up happens on the day itself while others might forget to write down the appointment during their last session.

Also, if I do get the sense something is wrong, what should I do? Hound somebody to see if they will come until their appointment date and time? Not show up myself or book somebody else in that slot? None of these are good options so that also makes keeping an eye out for this situation even more a waste of time and effort.

Personally, I don’t like late cancellations or people completely forgetting their session. I understand why people feel that 'mistakes happen' and it how was 'just the first time'. I always try to foster understanding that while you might feel that you got 'nothing for your money', I have worked for your session.

Lately, I've been thinking on if I want to send people text messages or e-mails a day before a session, but automating this is not very easy for me. Doing it all manually means that each session needs an additional 5-10 minutes of my time. That's just not worth it for the few people a year who forget a session or cancel later then the 24 hour window.

Have a question for me or a good solution? Talk to me in the practice, post a message on the blog or send me an e-mail.

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